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WP Video Robot Review: The Ultimate WordPress Video Autoposting Plugin?

Last Updated on July 21st, 2020

Published on July 2nd, 2015

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WP Video Robot is a premium plugin for WordPress that adds automated video importing to your website and will work with any WordPress theme.

By setting up one or more video sources, you can instruct the plugin to find video content that matches your requirements. The plugin then creates new video posts on your website, which display the video content. The plugin can be set to automatically publish this content on your blog, or simply save it as a draft ready for your approval.

If you want to add video content to your website, from sources such as YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion, on an automatic basis, then WP Video Robot could be the tool you are looking for. Find out if this plugin is the right choice for your website by reading out full WP Video Robot review.

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WP Video Robot Features

The core feature of WP Video Robot is its ability to work in a fully automated mode to import videos into your WordPress website. The plugin is compatible with the YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion services, giving you access to literally millions of videos.

The plugin can run in the background on your website, and according to your custom schedule, will import videos from the supported services into your site. By harnessing the scheduling power of this plugin, you can ensure your website has a constant supply of new video content added to it. This helps your website grow exponentially, while also presenting your visitors with new content each time they return to your website.

WP Video Robot Search

Through the import settings, you can specify detailed instructions to ensure the plugin is only importing the right kind of video content for your website. This includes creating a search that is used to find and select certain videos that match your query.

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WP Video Robot Channel

You can also instruct the plugin to import videos from a specific channel, playlist, or user (only on Vimeo). Furthermore, to ensure your website only contains the most popular videos your target audience are searching for, you can set WP Video Robot to import trending videos from selected countries or on a global level.

To help you keep track of what videos have been imported to your website and when, the plugin adds a user friendly dashboard to your WordPress admin area. Through the dashboard you can quickly and easily see the latest information for your project.

WP Video Robot Dashboard

The plugin also includes an easy to read activity log which gives you a quick way to see the latest videos that have been imported to your website.

WP Video Robot Activity Log

If you do decide to use WP Video Robot on your WordPress website, you won’t have to worry about compatibility with your current configuration. This plugin has been built to integrate seamlessly with any WordPress theme. This means that no matter what template you’ve chosen for your website, you can start using WP Video Robot to import countless amounts of video content into your site today.

There is extensive online documentation available for the plugin, including screencasts, written guides, and an online support forum. There are also lots of tutorials available to help you make the most of WP Video Robot.

If you want to create a video website that grows with new content added on a regular basis, then WP Video Robot could be the perfect tool for your needs.

WP Video Robot Add-ons

As well as the features mentioned above, the functionality of the WP Video Robot plugin can be greatly enhanced by installing any one of the selection of add-ons available for it.  These add-ons are available as both free and premium extensions for WP Video Robot, as well as being available in money-saving bundles.

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Some of the highlights from the WP Video Robot add-ons include:

  • WPVR Video Widgets: display your video content in a widget – great for your sidebars or for use on themes that support widgets in page content.
  • WPVR Downloads: add a download button to your posts that lets your visitors download the video to their computer.
  • WPVR Better Filters: improve the core filtering functionality to get more control over which videos are imported into your website.
  • WPVR Email Notifications: receive regular scheduled email notifications informing you of what the plugin is doing on your website.
  • WPVR Monetizer: display adverts, including Google AdSense ads on top of your video content for improved click through rates.

The price of the premium add-ons vary, and you can save money by purchasing one of the bundles. However, until the end of July 2015, you can save 50% on the bundles by using the discount code: WPVRAWESOME50DISCOUNT

Using WP Video Robot to Set up Automated Video Imports

After uploading the plugin and entering the activation code, you can begin using WP Video Robot on your WordPress website. As the plugin lets you both manually import videos and choose a source for automated imports, you can select either mode to import your first video.

If you simply want to manually import a new video, you can do so by creating a new video post. The plugin adds a meta box to the video post editor. Through this box you can enter the source of the video, as well as its ID.

WP Video Robot Manual Import

The plugin makes use of WordPress custom post types to store this content. These videos can then be inserted into your posts and pages using the corresponding shortcode if you wish to place them by hand, or the videos are also automatically added to your site as regular posts.

WP Video Robot Shortcode

Once you’ve copied and pasted the shortcode into a WordPress post or page, you can view your imported video on your website.

WP Video Robot YouTube Import

However, the automated video importing features of this plugin are what most users will be interested in. Creating automated video imports is very easy. Simply create a new video source and then choose which website the videos will be imported from. Then enter how they will be filtered.

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WP Video Robot Source

Depending on which source type you choose, you could enter a search term, trending region, playlist IDs, channel IDs, or video IDs. From the source fetching options, you can then set how many videos you want to import for this source, how to order the items, choose whether to skip duplicates or not, decide to include video statistics in the import, and whether to include the video tags.

WP Video Robot Source Options

Through the source posting options, you can choose to auto-publish the imports, or save them as a draft. You can also set which categories to assign to the posts the plugin creates as part of the import, as well as choose an author for the content, and set a post date.

Finally you can enter some filtering information to refine your results. This includes setting a published before and after date to ensure you only import videos from a certain period in time, videos with a set duration, and a video quality requirement.

WP Video Robot Filters

Once you’ve created your source, you can set the frequency of how often it is run. You can also carry out a test to see if you’ve created the source correctly and if its returning the results you expected.

WP Video Robot Test Results

If you are happy with the results, you can save the source to start the import. The plugin will then set about importing the videos according to your preferences, and creating new videos posts for your website.

WP Video Robot Posts

Depending on your preferences, this new content with either be auto-published, or saved as a draft for your approval.

WP Video Robot Pricing

The core WordPress Video Robot plugin is available for $35 via the CodeCanyon marketplace. This includes use on one WordPress website.

As mentioned, there are a number of free and premium add-ons and bundles available to purchase separately from their site. These add-ons run from $14.90 for a single add-on up to $230 for the starter bundle.


WP Video Robot Review Conclusion

WP Video Robot is certainly easy to use. The plugin has plenty of good features to help you find and import suitable videos for your website on an automated basis.

Being able to source content from the leading video websites, as well as create multiple import jobs, gives you plenty of possibilities for how and when these videos are added to your website. Having the option of letting the plugin publish your content as soon as it is imported helps to make WP Video Robot a good choice for anyone who wants to create a video website that can run on its own and grow in your absence.

Whether you want to create a video website that curates your favorite content, or simply add a video channel to your existing blog, WP Video Robot is well worth checking out.

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