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WP Job Board Review: Create a Job Board with WordPress

Last Updated on May 6th, 2021

Published on January 28th, 2014


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WP Job Board is a premium plugin for WordPress that allows you to build a job board website. The job board can be the sole focus of the site, or it can be created as an addon to an existing WordPress site. Either way, the existing functionality of WordPress will still be available, such as its blogging capabilities and all the features that can be enabled with plugins.

This allows you to build a highly customisable job board using WordPress that allows you to accept, create, and post job vacancies, as well as allowing job seekers to apply to positions listed on the site. WP Job Board also gives you the option of charging a fee for listing vacancies, as well as many other useful features.


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The WP Job Board plugin will work with any WordPress theme, however it comes with the purpose-built Jobeleon job board theme which allows you to create a great looking job board website very easily. The theme comes with four colour schemes to suit your preferences and along with the plugin, makes setting up a job board website very easy.

In this WP Job Board review we will take a look at the features of the plugin, as well as the steps involved in setting up a job board using WordPress.

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WP Job Board Listings 01

WP Job Board Features and Settings

WP Job Board is a very comprehensive plugin. The features cover every step involved in the process of listing vacancies from publishing them, to accepting and managing applications from job seekers, and everything in between. Some of the features include:

  • Works with any WordPress theme
  • Complete PayPal integration
  • Send automatic email notifications
  • Create job alerts
  • RSS feeds for subscribing to the job board
  • Easily customisable forms for accepting listings and applications
  • Create employer and employee profiles
  • Import jobs from other sites
  • Flexible job browsing and searching
  • Creation and hosting of user resumes

As you can see WP Job Board aims to cover every facet of running an employment and job listings website.

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Accessing the Settings

After installation, the plugin adds two top level menu items entitled ‘Job Board’ and Settings (WPJB) to the admin side menu. From the Job Board area, you can access the submenu items which include:

  • Jobs
  • Applications
  • Employers
  • Candidates
  • Payments
  • E-mail Alerts

The plugins settings panel allows you to configure the way the plugin works. Some of the general settings include:

  • Job offers per page
  • Days a listing is marked as a new listing
  • Allow employers to edit their listings
  • Show related jobs
  • Enable ‘apply online’ button
  • Set who can post jobs (anyone, employers, or administrators)
  • Hold jobs for moderation until approved by admin

As you can see the plugin handles all the steps and processes involved in managing a job listing from posting the vacancy to handling the applications and accepting payments.

Configuring WP Job Board

When it comes to setting up the plugin, out of the box it is ready to go and begin accepting job postings and applications for those positions. However, it’s a good idea to go through the settings to ensure your job board is functioning to meet your requirements.

Setting the Pricing

You can charge a fee for accepting job listings on your site and it’s a great way to generate income from your job board, and it can also work as a quality control measure to dissuade people from posting spurious job adverts.

By default WP Job Board is setup with a free option which allows users to post a regular adverts, and a premium option which for $10 will make their listing a featured job post. For both options, the listings are visible for 30 days, before being deactivated on the site. The price, the length of visibility, the currency, and whether the listing is featured or not, are the only options for creating pricing options but you can create as many different price plans as required.

WP Job Board Review Pricing Options

Using the promotions menu item you can also create discount coupon codes that allow users to get a discount when submitting a job listing, providing they know the discount code. The discount can be calculated as a percentage or set amount off of the listings price. An expiry date, and maximum number of times a coupon can be used can also be set to giving you enough control over how much discount you will end up giving.

Custom Fields

From the custom fields page you can edit any of the existing forms that are used to interact with the job board through both the frontend and the backend. These include the following forms:

  • Add/edit job
  • Apply online
  • Advanced search
  • Company
  • My resume

By editing these forms, you can really tailor WP Job Board to match the type of jobs that are going to be listed on your site, as well as creating company profiles that contain the appropriate information for your industry. This really is the strength of WP Job Board as it can really be customised to suit any use.

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When editing the forms, you can easily insert a selection of field types, such as check boxes, radio buttons, drop down menus, and file uploads. The form field editor is easy to use and gives you lots of control over how the plugin functions on your site.

Job Listing Categories

Like posts in WordPress, job listings can be assigned categories. The listing categories work in the same way as regular WordPress categories. Job listings can be assigned a category when they are created, or at a later stage through the job management page. Categories make it easier for your potential applicants to browse related jobs on your site.

Job Types

This taxonomy, like categories, can be applied to job listings. By default the plugin contains four job types:

  • Freelance
  • Full-time
  • Internship
  • Part-time

However, you can create your own set of options, and could even use it to group the jobs by other variables such as salary, or length of contract, instead of the default job types.

Email Templates

Another great feature of WP Job Board is its ability to send email notifications to those who interact with the site. There are three main types of email notifications that can be sent from your site using this plugin:

  • To admin
  • To employers
  • To candidates

There are multiple templates for each type of recipient and they can all be easily edited to suit your websites brand and style. The templates also all support variables that can be inserted into the email, such as job {$job.job_title}, allowing you to ensure the emails are personalised and informative.

Import Listings

One interesting feature of this plugin is the ability to bulk import job listings from other sources into your job board. Job listings from CareerBuilder.com and Indeed.com can be imported into your job board. This can be done on a scheduled basis to keep the listings fresh and up to date. Information explaining how to do this can be found in the knowledge base.

If you are migrating from another job board plugin, then you can also use this feature to easily move your listings over to WP Job Board.

Using WP Job Board

Once you’ve worked your way through the WP Job Board settings, you can begin creating jobs and employer profiles on your site.  These are some of the ways the plugin can be used:

Creating a Job Listing

There are two ways to post a job listing on a WP Job Board enabled site. Those with access can create jobs from the backend via the WordPress admin area. Creating a job listing this way uses a stripped down version of the WordPress post editor, with basic text formatting abilities.

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WP Job Board Review Add New Job 01

The Add New Job screen also features some plugin specific meta boxes for providing additional information about the listing. These include company information and location information. When populating these fields, you can specify a URL, email address and logo for the company with the vacancy, along with the location, including a Zip code.

Other details that can be added to the job listing include setting an optional expiry date, setting the status of the listing from the following options:

  • Listing is approved
  • Display job as featured
  • This position is already taken

A payment amount for listing the job can also be set on the Add New Job screen. These settings include:

  • Payment method: None, PayPal or Stripe (Credit Card)
  • Amount and currency
  • Payment status (paid or not)

Once the required information has been entered, the job can be set live by pressing the Publish or Update button.

The other option for posting a job is to do it through the frontend of the website. Clicking the Post Job button on the website frontend displays the ad creation form.

WP Job Board Review Add New Job 02

Adding a job listing through the front end of the website works in a similar way to creating one via the admin dashboard. The same information can be added with the exception of setting an expiry date, and marking the listing as paid. Using the included theme results in a well-designed and attractive form that won’t pose any problems for your users.

WP Job Board Review Add New Job 03

Once the form has been completed, the job listing can be previewed. If the user is happy with the listing they can then publish it. Depending on how you’ve configured the plugin, at this point the poster will be required to make a payment.

WP Job Board Listings 02

Job Management

Managing the jobs is pretty straightforward and works in a similar way to the post manager in WordPress.

WP Job Board Review Job Management

From the Jobs screen you can view the list of jobs and see their status. All jobs can be edited from this screen, even if they were submitted through the front end of the website.

Working with Employers

WP Job Board allows you to create employer accounts or profiles and they are handled as WordPress users. These accounts have a username and password and can then login into the job board to post jobs using the form pre-populated with profile information that related to their company.

The details stored about employers include:

  • Username and password
  • Company email
  • Company name
  • Company log
  • Company website
  • Company info
  • Company Location

Once logged in an employer is directed to the WP Job Board front end. These users cannot access the WordPress admin dashboard, or edit existing jobs including jobs they’ve posted themselves.  The users show up in the WordPress user list and have the role of Employer.

When job listings are created via the backend, by the site admin, an existing employer profile can be assigned to the listing.

Applying Online

As well as listing jobs, WP Job Board allows your site to accept applications from job seekers to the positions listed. Each listing features an Apply Online button that allows those browsing the site to submit an application, which can include up to 10 attachments, for things like covering letters, resumes, or portfolio items.

WP Job Board Review Apply Online 01

Once an application has been submitted, it can be accessed from the Application page on the backend. The applications can then be viewed and either accepted or rejected. It is also possible to edit the applications before they are approved and made available to the employers, allowing you to weed out any unsuitable candidates and applications.

WP Job Board Review Apply Online 02

Users can also create resumes which can then be viewed by those seeking to new staff. It is also possible to configure WP Job Board to charge a fee for giving recruiters access to user resumes.


In this past the online documentation of WP Job Board has been described as lacking. However, this is no longer the case. There is a comprehensive knowledge base that covers information for regular users and developers who wish to customise the plugin even further. The support documentation is open access so you can take a look around before commit to this plugin. Each page of the documentation can accept comments so you are free to ask questions on anything covered in the guide.

There is also a blog for keeping up with the latest developments and the support team can be contacted via the contact form where ‘typically you can expect a response In 24 hours or less (except holiday periods)’.

There is also a demo of WP Job Board for those who wish to give it a test drive before making a decision.


The WP Job Board plugin is available on two different price plans:

  • Person License: $97
  • Business License: $199

The main difference between the two options is that the more expensive business license allows use on any number of sites you own, as opposed to just one, and it gives you access to ‘innovative beta releases’. Both options include the job board theme which is valued at $79.

As you can take payments for listing jobs on your site with WP Job Board, it should pay for itself in no time should you choose to enable fees.


Whether you want to add a job board to an existing WordPress site or start a new project from scratch, WP Job Board comes highly recommended. It has all the features that would ever be needed for managing a job website. It’s highly customisable nature means that it can be moulded to suit and type of employment and recruitment requirements.

The settings and options are vast so it pays to inspect them carefully before launching your job board. With so many options available it might seem a little daunting but the plugin pages are well laid out and very easy to navigate. The standard WordPress user interface is used so it never feels like you are switching between systems when working with the plugin via the backend. The fact that the plugin comes bundled with a very capable WordPress theme means that it really is an all-in-one solution for creating an online job board.

With extensive features and options, detailed online documentation not to mention good value pricing, there is no reason not to choose WP Job Board for creating an employment website or adding this functionality to an existing site.

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