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WordPress Training: Where To Find Courses And Videos To Up Your Skills

Last Updated on February 12th, 2020

Published on June 27th, 2018


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You know WordPress is awesome – but you want to be better at it. So how do you get better? The same way you get better at anything – you get some WordPress training.

And with the huge variety of WordPress training videos and courses, it’s never been easier to up your WordPress skills – you won’t even have to leave the comfort of your couch!

But “huge variety” can actually be a double-edged sword. I mean – when you have so many different WordPress training resources, how can you actually pick the ones that will make you a WordPress ninja without wasting your time?

Easy – you just read this list.

Whether you’re a total beginner or an advanced user, or whether you want a structured course or just some quality YouTube tutorials, you’ll be able to find something helpful on this list.

Let’s dig in so that you can get training! I’ll divide these resources into two sections:

  • Structured WordPress training courses
  • YouTube-based WordPress training videos

The Best WordPress Training Courses

These training resources offer a bit more structure than you might find on YouTube.


wp101 wordpress training

WP101 is a great set of beginner-focused training videos and courses.

All of WP101’s courses are divided by topic, so you can pick and choose what you’re interested in.

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For example, if you’re just getting started you can take the eponymous WP101 course to get up and running with the basics. But for help with more specific plugins, you can also find courses on using:

If you’re an advanced user, you’re probably already past where WP101 is helpful. But if you’re just getting started, WP101 is a great way to learn the ins and outs of WordPress.

You can purchase courses individually or get an all-access pass for $39.

Go To WP101

“Website In A Weekend” by LaunchParty

wordpress training resource launchparty

LaunchParty is a completely free course that teaches beginners how to create their first WordPress website using Elementor. The course is organized as a 3-day challenge called “Website In A Weekend”.

The entire course is broken up into easy-to-follow tutorials with step-by-step action plans and video walk-throughs. You can also track your progress and earn various badges and achievements as you complete each step.

They’ve also included more than 600 Elementor templates which are integrated into each of the tutorials to make it even easier to follow along.

LaunchParty is a great resource for beginners that want to build their website visually, without any coding.

Go To LaunchParty

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Bitdegree learn wordpress

BitDegree is an online course platform with gamified features that make learning fun and more effective. Learning on this platform, you can improve digital skills such as online business, digital marketing, web development and much more.

BitDegree offers some great WordPress courses for beginners. Under experienced instructors’ guidance, you’ll be able to use most of the WordPress power, ensure your website security, appealing user experience, and more – all of this while building up your profile and expertise in a futuristic learning environment!

Moreover, you’ll get a free certificate after completing a course.

Go To BitDegree

Udemy WordPress Courses

udemy wordpress courses

Udemy is a popular online course provider. It has all kinds of courses, but you can also find over a 1,000 WordPress-focused courses.

Of course, not all of these 1,000 courses are going to be high quality. But if you stick to the popular and well-reviewed courses, you can find some really great resources.

No matter what your knowledge level is, I guarantee you can find an applicable course on Udemy.

While Udemy courses’ list prices are high, Udemy is almost always running a “sale” where courses cost ~$10 each.

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Go To Udemy

Side note – be careful because addiction to Udemy is a real thing. As soon as a little bit of boredom hits, you’ll suddenly find yourself taking a course on learning the harmonica. Not that this has personally happened, or anything!

ed2go WordPress Courses

ed2go is another online course site, but it’s a little bit more focused on going in-depth than Udemy.

For example, while you’ll find a lot of Udemy courses in the ~10-15 hour range, ed2go’s WordPress courses are all 6 week/24 course hours. You also get an actual instructor – Richard Mansfield in this case.

So if you want in-depth, ed2go will give it to you. But this one might not be for you if you just want something light and breezy.

Right now, ed2go has 2 different WordPress courses covering:

  • Creating WordPress Websites
  • Intermediate WordPress Websites

You can purchase them separately for $149 each, or as a series for $174 total.

Go to ed2go

Lynda WordPress Courses

lynda wordpress courses

Like Treehouse, Lynda has a bunch of different WordPress training courses. They’ve managed to bring in pretty well-known WordPress personalities. For example, you can learn from Carrie Dils and Morten Rand-Hendriksen.

Currently, Lynda has 85 different courses with well over 2,000 training videos.

These courses span everything from beginner-friendly introductions to advanced developer topics.

For example, with the same Lynda subscription, you can learn:

  • WordPress essentials
  • Building WordPress apps with Angular
  • The WordPress REST API

Access to Lynda costs $29.99 per month, but you can get a 1-month free trial to test it out.

Go To Lynda

The Best YouTube Channels For WordPress Training Videos

Not a fan of structured courses? If so, you might prefer the more a la carte (and free!) YouTube WordPress training videos.

Here are some good channels to jumpstart your learning.


Adam from WPCrafter dedicates his channel to “WordPress for Non-Techies”. Give it a look for lots of detailed tutorials on how to actually build various types of WordPress sites using tools like Elementor.

Go To WPCrafter

Darrel Wilson

Darrel Wilson is another great source for WordPress tutorials on YouTube. We’ve actually previously featured Darrel on WPLift, if you want to know more about his channel.

Go To Darrel Wilson


As the name suggests, WPTuts features “Awesome Tutorials for WordPress”. Among other topics, you’ll find lots of tutorials on how to get the most out of page builders.

Go To WPTuts

Brand-specific YouTube Channels

Finally, if you’re interested in learning more about a specific plugin, you can find lots of brands with their own training channels. Here are a couple of good examples:

You might be able to find something similar for your favorite plugin.

Final Thoughts On Your Online WordPress Training Options

If you’re brand new to WordPress, I highly recommend something like WP101 to get you up to speed. And once you nail down the basics, the advanced content you can find at places like Treehouse, Lynda, and others can help you get even more out of WordPress.

For one-off tutorials, YouTube channels are also a great option.

And finally, another great learning resource that I didn’t discuss in this post is WordPress Facebook groups.

Now over to you – have any other great WordPress training resources? Let us know in the comments!

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