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Learning how to use WordPress and increasing your existing WP skillset has never been easier, thanks to the large number of training options available today. Whether you prefer learning by following tutorials, signing up to an online video course or attending a classroom based training session, there is more than likely, something out there to suit your preferred style of learning and help you meet your learning objectives.

With so many WordPress training options available, finding the gold amongst all the rubble can be difficult. This list of the best WordPress training options will help point you in the right direction and ensure you find the training content that best meets your needs.

YouTube WordPress Channels

YouTube can be a good source to turn to when it comes to learning pretty much anything. However, the quality of the videos and their content can be questionable at times, making trial and error a large part of finding a suitable video tutorial to follow.

WPMUDev YouTube Channel

While this option is free, it can be time consuming to find a video that is produced well enough to be easily followed as well as covering the exact topic you were hoping. Due to the problems associated with finding high quality video tutorials on YouTube, there are still a healthy number of premium online video tutorial services in operation.

Here are some good WordPress YouTube channels to get you started on your journey:

Premium Online Training Courses

One effective way to learn WordPress is to sign up for a premium online training course. These can usually either be paid for with a one-off fee, or by becoming a member and paying on an on-going basis. With many course providers, membership with a recurring fee tends to include access to multiple courses and can be a very cost effective way to follow many courses. Here are some of the top online WordPress training course offerings:

Lynda WordPress Courses

Premium WordPress Courses is a well-known source of online training videos covering many computer software packages and related subjects. Amongst their vast library of offerings are currently 29 WordPress training courses. The WordPress courses at are aimed at users with a wide range of abilities and include a good selection of topics including:

The video courses are in general very good and teach you exactly what they claim to. With nearly 30 WordPress courses available, this is a good place to turn to in order to quickly build up your knowledge of the platform.

The basic membership package at gives you access to all of the courses for $25 per month, you can also try before you buy with their seven day free trial.

Tuts+ Premium

Tuts+ Premium, part of the Envato network, is one of the biggest services offering premium online training courses and tutorials covering technology-related topics. You can sign up for a low-cost monthly membership or pay yearly, which gets you access to a range of courses on WordPress, as well as many other topics.

When it comes to learning WordPress online, the Tuts+ Premium selection includes advanced plugin development, building themes from scratch, and how to be a WordPress web designer, amongst their list of WordPress-related tutorials.

Also part of the Envato network is Wptuts+ which has a large number of free WordPress tutorials to sink your teeth into, covering everything from developing plugins and themes to building a business around the platform.

WP101 Online Video Courses

WP101 WordPress Courses

WP101 is an online video tutorial repository catering solely to WordPress users. The videos, so far at least, cover the more basic functions and features of WordPress, but are sufficient enough to give those new to self-hosted WordPress sites a good grounding in the platform.

Thoughtfully the courses are listed in chronological order, allowing you to work your way through them, increasing your WordPress knowledge from scratch to fairly accomplished, without inadvertently watching the tutorials out of sync and getting in a muddle.

Topics covered include: creating a new post, how to embed video, building custom menus and understanding the configuration settings.  With three subscriptions packages starting from $19, using WP101 is an affordable way to start learning WordPress. The courses are now available in Spanish too. Courses

Another service delivering online WordPress training courses is, who is currently offering 10 courses and books covering WordPress. The courses range from web design with WordPress, to building your own themes and plugins, through to a course on WordPress development which is aimed at developers with a solid knowledge of PHP.

Classroom Based WordPress Training

If you prefer to learn in a classroom environment, with desks and chairs and a teacher, then looking for a WordPress training course in your area could be the right fit for you. However, depending on where you are based will play a huge role in what is available to you.

Here are some examples of WordPress classroom based courses which can give you an idea of how they work and what can be covered and taught:

  • WordPress Weekend Course, Central Saint Martins, London: this is a two day course offered by the prestigious University of the Arts London and covers how to setup and begin promoting your blog.
  • WordPress Course, Noble Desktop, New York: delivered over two days, this course covers everything form installing WordPress through to creating templates and modifying themes. They also offer certificate programs, which the module is part of.
  • WordPress Workshop, learn WP, Toronto: this WordPress workshop covers everything you need to know in order to create your own website in two days.

The Best WordPress Training Option

The best WordPress training option is going to be the one which most effectively meets your needs in terms of what it is you want to learn and how the course is delivered.

Before signing up for any membership sites or paying for a course, it is a good idea to determine exactly what your learning goals are, and what you want to be able to achieve by the end of the programme; whether it is being able to install and manage your own WordPress installation, learning how to offer WordPress-based web design services or advance your WordPress theme and plugin development skills.

By doing this, you can increase your chances of success and finding the right WordPress training option for you.


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