Zeno is a powerful WordPress theme designed to allow everyone to build affiliate stores fast and easy for the Amazon Associates program. With this theme, everyone can start an online business without almost no budget and get paid by promoting physical products as an affiliate for the giant Amazon.

Zeno includes all the needed functionality to allow you to run a complete online store without the need to handle all the product shipping, stocks, payment processing, refunds, product returns and all the other complex tasks that would be typically involved in owning an online eCommerce store.

The theme comes with a lot of impressive features designed to facilitate every person, regardless his or her technical skills, to build professional looking affiliate stores with a minimum effort.

With Zeno, it’s incredibly easy to import products from Amazon.

Because Zeno implements the Amazon Product Advertising API, you can search for products directly from your WordPress dashboard. You can simply search a product by a specific search term, or you can import a product sold by Amazon based on its unique ASIN id. All you have to do to import the details of a new product to your store is clicking a button.

Within seconds, the product details (title, description, features, product reviews, image set, price, etc. ) will be imported to your site and the call-to-action button will link to Amazon through your affiliate link. The beauty of being an affiliate is that the orders will be completed on Amazon and not on your site. Therefore, you don’t have to stress about managing payments, refunds, shipping, customer support, etc. Amazon will handle all that for you.

To be compliant with Amazon’s terms and conditions, Zeno will periodically update the price of the products, reviews, images, etc.

Key features

  • Easy Products Import: Search for Amazon products directly from your WordPress dashboard
  • Product Auto Update: The product details will be automatically updated at a specific time interval
  • Responsive Design: Your store will look great on any device because the responsive theme design
  • Unlimited Colors: Give your store the colors you like using a color picker
  • 600+ Google Fonts: Select the fonts you like from the Google Fonts library and instantly add them to your store
  • Multiple Amazon locales support: You can grab products for your store from one of the supported Amazon Associates locales: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, Spain, Italy, India, China, and Brazil.
  • Geo-Redirect Feature: Redirect the International traffic to your chosen store URLs.
  • Amazon Cart: Get the best of your store with a 90-day cookie for your products using the Amazon cart API
  • Amazon Customer Reviews: Display the real product reviews from Amazon
  • Link Cloaking: Hide the ugly and long Amazon affiliate URLs by using the built-in link redirect
  • Translation Ready: You can easily translate your store into your own language.
  • Product Slider & Carousel: Zeno integrates a product slider and carousel built on Owl-Slider jQuery plugin
  • Custom Widgets: Enhance the power of WordPress using the custom Zeno widgets and custom sidebars.
  • Wish List: Allow your visitors to add their favorite products to a wishlist and then come back when they are ready to make a purchase
  • Integrated Breadcrumbs: No need to use a plugin to generate the breadcrumbs navigation for your site
  • Product Image Gallery: Every product has a nice image gallery.
  • Advanced Sidebar Control: You can choose the position of the sidebar for each page, post or product. Or, you can disable the sidebar if you don’t need it.
  • Custom Header & Background: Customize the look of each page, post or product with a custom header and background image.
  • Related Products: No need to use a plugin to display the related products.
  • Unlimited support & periodically updates.

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