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Why You Should Choose Buildr?

  • Continuous development: We have invested over 600 hours between 3 developers making Buildr, and we are planning on putting a lot more time into adding new widgets, creating new presets, adding integration with popular plugins and more, which all will be released in the form of free updates.
  • Gutenberg-ready: Buildr will be 100% Gutenberg from day one. We are planning on taking full advantage of Gutenberg with Buildr, and give you some amazing blocks that you can use in your Gutenberg content. Our team has already released the Gutenblocks plugin for Gutenberg, which will be available for free with the release of Gutenberg.
  • Optimized for speed: Buildr’s usage of nothing but core WordPress features gives it an edge for running optimally for admins in the dashboard, and your site visitors on the front-end. Buildr loads JavaScript and CSS assets of it’s components on a per-need basis.
  • Nothing new to learn: One of the best thing about Buildr’s page builder is that you don’t need to learn anything new. With most Page Builder themes, there’s a steep learning curve for the user. Buildr uses the WordPress Customizer, combined with WordPress widgets and page templates, allowing you to build pages, with drag & drop and live customization, while utilizing the same WordPress skills you already have.
  • Lifetime License: Buildr Pro is a lifetime license. Buy it once, use it forever! Your purchase includes 1 year of free updates. After the 1 year is over, you have the option to continue using the theme, or renew to receive another year of updates. We recommend renewing, because we will keep improving and adding new features. However, renewal is not required, and you can use the theme for as long as you like, with just one payment.

Key Features

  • Completely customizable with Buildr’s Built-in Page Builder using WordPress Customizer & Widgets. Add widgets to any page, drag&drop to re-order, edit and preview changes live in the theme customizer.
  • One-click Install presets. The theme comes with 6 presets that you can choose from
  • Customizable navbar with 3 templates, and over 40 customization options, including sticky, expanding, banner and many more
  • 3 customizable blog templates including Masonry, stacked and a unique mosaic blog
  • 22+ premium widgets, including Sliders, Carousels, Video widgets, Hero CTA, and many more