WordPress Sports Themes for Sites, Teams & Supporters

In today’s post, we have decided to handpick a collection of the best quality WordPress sports themes, included in the list are premium themes for sports news sites, individual players, teams, fan sites for supporters and so on. They include some nice functionality tailored towards sports, such as points tables, fixture lists and so on.

WordPress Sports Themes


Splash is a dedicated sports WordPress theme that comes with three demos, one for football, one for basketball and one for American football. It’s designed to announce upcoming matches, match results, news, league statistics and more.

WordPress Sports Themes - Splash WordPress Theme

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WP Soccer

WP Soccer is a sports theme designed for individual sports teams. It comes with theme-specific soccer and poll plugins, the ability to list fixtures and results as well as the ability to create pages for team and player profiles.

WP Soccer WordPress Theme

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Real Soccer

Real Soccer is another sports WordPress theme designed for a single team. It allows you to create player profiles, display fixtures and results, create league tables, and more.

Real Soccer WordPress Theme

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HiMarket is a WooCommerce theme that comes with multiple homepage demos and shop layouts. One of those layouts features fitness equipment, which would allow you to build a sporting equipment store easily.

HiMarket WordPress Theme

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Oswad is a multi-purpose theme that can be used to build an online store or magazine site. One of its demos, simply named “Sport,” allows you to build an online store for sporting equipment.

Oswad WordPress Theme

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Sportexx is a sports and gym fashion WooCommerce theme, but it can just as easily be used to build a sporting equipment store for sports teams.

Sportexx WordPress Theme

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KALLYAS is a multipurpose WordPress theme that comes with dozens of homepage demos. One of those demos is simply called “Sport,” and it allows you to build a magazine site for sports news.

KALLYAS WordPress Theme

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Soccer Club

Soccer Club is a sports theme designed for individual teams and leagues. It allows you to create and manage player profiles, team profiles, fixtures and results, and more.

Soccer Club WordPress Theme

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AllStar is a sports WordPress theme designed for teams, clubs and individual players. It comes with multiple homepage demos, each of which features a different style and layout and caters to a different sport.

AllStar WordPress Theme

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Xtreme Sports

Xtreme Sports is a multi-purpose WordPress theme designed for extreme sports. It comes with three demos, one of which is a dedicated shop demo. The other two are meant to showcase a team or individual athlete.

Xtreme Sports WordPress Theme

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INNOVATION is a multi-purpose news and magazine theme that can be used to design a news site, a magazine site or even a content-heavy blog. It comes with a homepage demo designed for sports news.

INNOVATION WordPress Theme

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TopNews is a dedicated magazine theme that comes with multiple homepage demos. One of them is a sports demo designed for sports news.

TopNews WordPress Theme

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Club Sports

Club Sports is a news theme dedicated to sports news. It allows you to display fixtures and results for multiple matches at the top of the homepage, and its layout is designed for content-heavy sites.

Club Sports WordPress Theme

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Sports Club

Sports Club is a multi-purpose sports WordPress theme. It can be used as a website for a sports club or as a theme for a dedicated news site.

Sports Club WordPress Theme

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Sports Store

Sports Store is a WooCommerce theme designed for sporting equipment shops. It comes with three demos, one called Soccer, one called Basketball, one called Rugby and one that simply acts as a default demo.

Sports Store WordPress Theme

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Sport Center

Sport Center is a multi-purpose sport, gym and fitness theme. It comes with multiple demos, one of which can be used to build a sporting goods store.

Sport Center WordPress Theme

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Gameday is a dedicated news theme designed for sports news. It allows you to display a row of results at the top of the homepage, and it’s designed for content-heavy sites covering a lot of news.

Gameday WordPress Theme

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KickOff is a dedicated sports theme designed for teams, clubs and individual players. It can be used to build player and team profiles, post fixtures, and results, and promote the league’s latest news.

KickOff WordPress Theme

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The League

The League is a news and magazine theme designed specifically for sports news. It allows you to display a row of fixtures and results at the top of the homepage.

The League WordPress Theme

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Champion is a sports theme designed for football and American football. It allows you to manage teams, manage fixtures, post the latest news from around the league, sell products and more.

Champion WordPress Theme

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Shockmag is a magazine theme designed for a variety of different niches. It comes with a Sport demo, which allows you to build a sports news site. It also comes with support for ad networks, giving you a way to generate revenue for your site.

Shockmag WordPress Theme

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SK Store

SK Store is a WooCommerce theme designed for extreme sports. It comes with multiple homepage demos, each of which features a different style and caters to a different sport.

SK Store WordPress Theme

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Kids Store – Soccer Club

Kids Store is an education theme designed for younger kids. It has a Soccer Club demo that allows you to build a website for a kids’ league.

Kids Club WordPress Theme

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Whistle Sport

Whistle Sport is a multi-purpose sports theme. It comes with multiple homepage demos, some of which allow you to build websites for teams while others allow you to build sporting goods stores.

Whistle Sport WordPress Theme

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Sporty is a sports theme designed for sports clubs of any sport. It allows you to build profiles for teams and individual players, post the latest news, and display upcoming matches/latest results.

Sporty WordPress Theme

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Sport is a dedicated sports theme designed for sports clubs and community centers. It comes with multiple homepage layouts and two predefined skins. It also comes with blogging and WooCommerce capabilities.

Sport WordPress Theme

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Big Slam

If your goal is to create hype, excitement and engagement with your sports website, going with a theme that offers plenty of customization options is the best choice. That said, Big Slam WordPress theme is definitely a great theme for making your branding and design come to life. The theme is mostly focused on basketball, but it can be useful for other sports as well. With demo content, you can create various pages dedicated to teams, individual players, etc. Of course, compatibility with key plugins ensures great functionality of the theme. In that respect, you can expect SportsPress. GoodLayers page builder as well as plenty of headers, colors, navigation styles and similar.

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Oxigeno is one of the best WordPress sports themes when it comes to team sites that offer plenty of information about players, game schedules, results, and so on. What’s more, Oxigeno covers a variety of sports, not just the typical ones. With a Bold Builder plugin, you can easily create whatever website you’d like and enjoy customizing the layout even more with Google Fonts, built-in menu and header builder. Even though it may not be sophisticated like some other themes, Oxigeno is your easy, no-fuss, basic theme that allows you to make the most out of it in your own terms.

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If you’re looking for a truly effective design and picture-perfect website presentation, Equipo WordPress theme is a good match for you. Customizing Equipo is both easy and fun thanks to the advanced theme options panel. Even if you’re not too keen on the typography used, the way solid colors blend with sports team colors and the overall design will definitely make up for that. Equipo is optimized for SEO and compatible with all the most popular browsers. You also have 600+ typography options, preset page templates, custom post types and shortcodes, plenty of widgets, and much more!

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This theme is an alternative for WP Soccers and KickOff, and it’s a great theme for users who want to boost the functionality of their site as they already know what plugins suit their needs. Just like with the other themes, SportAK is highly customizable, but it’s also improved with Visual Composer and WP Less plugins. The theme also comes with free JP Widget Visibility plugin, Contact Form 7 and Yet Another Related Posts Plugin. Moreover, users can find Google Map embedded in the footer. In general, the two other mentioned themes are usually chosen before SportAK but if you’re interested in something as functional but simpler, SportAK is definitely worth looking into.

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For one-of-a-kind sports magazine portal, Sportedge is surely of one the most effective WordPress sports themes available. Not only does this theme feature live scores, but it also has an amazing homepage slider that will highlight your content wonderfully. You can get your custom headers for almost every sport you can think of, which is truly amazing. Images can be auto resized. This theme is Feedburner ready, highly customizable, compatible cross-browser, it comes with a jQuery powered lightbox and generally looks great on different screen sizes.

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Sports Team Theme

For users who don’t possess any programming skills but are in need of a functional club/little league/school team website, Sports Team Theme may be ideal. The popularity of this particular theme lies in its ease of use and convenience. After all, users can install it and set up a really nice-looking site in minutes! Of course, customizing this theme with the team’s branding such as colors and logo is also very simple. There’s really nothing more for you to do to get started than just entering the team’s info. You can further customize the theme with fonts and backgrounds if you so desire.

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Sportsline WordPress theme is great for sports news, especially soccer, but it can also be used for other sports blogs and websites. Of course, the theme is 100% responsive and its content looks great on devices of all sizes. Sportsline is powered by Bootstrap 3 and provides the users with effective support. The theme is SEO-optimized and features Google Adsense integration. If your goal is to boost your SERP, definitely give this theme a go.

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Another great choice for a sports magazine website would undoubtedly be Osage WordPress theme. It definitely boasts a more news-like feel and look, with the front page filled with links, small typography, and multiple column structures. For a sports website that wants to focus on news posts more than anything, you can’t go wrong with Osage. This theme also comes with social media sharing tools, infinite scrolling, slideshows, scoreboard as well as off-canvas and sticky navigation to suit both desktop computers and mobile phones.

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Goal Club

If you’re looking for a theme that will help you represent your sports club/team/organization in a clean, functional, stylish and effective manner, you should check out what Goal Club WordPress theme has to offer. It’s built with HTML5 and CSS3 which means that your website layout will be 100% responsive. The theme comes with a gallery slider and fixed header together with translation plugins and built-in SEO features. What’s more, the theme features WooCommerce, drag-and-drop content organizer and many customization options to choose from.

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Built with HTML5 Boilerplate, users can count on the fact that Jockey WordPress theme is fast, retina-ready and completely responsive. This is a great stylish option for sports magazine and news websites. You can also choose image sizes for the content display and enjoy several different post formats. What’s more, there are unlimited color schemes and infinite scrolling feature as well. As you can already guess, customization options are endless. RSS feed and social media buttons also make Jockey a great theme to settle for, especially since it’s very easy to navigate and is translation-ready.

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This is definitely one of the best sports WordPress themes for users who want to create a website that won’t be specific to just one sports team but will actually allow them to feature various sports and interesting content in that regard for best engagement results. Content-rich navigation menu together with three different header styles make this theme very attractive. GoodLife comes with 6 layouts to choose from for image and video galleries as well as 5 blog layouts. Obviously, such a feature-packed theme allows countless customization options as well. The theme is integrated with Jetpack for better and easier social media sharing, and it also comes with a BuzzFeed-style quiz builder plugin, Viral Quiz Builder. This is not all, however. GoodLife features Visual Composer, Maintenance Pro, and Rankie. If your goal is to focus on sports content, you definitely can’t go wrong with this one!

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This particular WordPress theme is an excellent choice for any kind of sports website or magazine. After all, it’s very simple to use and customize however you want very quickly. What’s more, the theme features the countdown timer, which is a nifty addition for site visitors who would like to know how much time’s left for the next big game. Unlimited color combos and 500+ fonts await for your creativity while the drag-and-drop layout builder makes content organization a piece of cake.

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Tennis Club

As the name suggests, Tennis Club WordPress theme is the perfect theme for tennis websites, from tennis clubs pages and personal trainer sites to sports store/reviews and online magazine. Tennis Club is compatible with WooCommerce and it’s designed with an online presence boost in mind. It also comes with various plugins and widgets to make the whole user experience a lot better. WP Bakery, Booked Appointment, Events Calendar, powerful admin interface, SEO optimization, flexible colors, full responsiveness, and so much more comes with this feature-packed theme.

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This modern theme is designed specifically with soccer and football clubs in mind, but it still can be used for creating other sports websites. It has powerful theme options, two header styles, 25+ built-in shortcodes, point table with details, a drag-and-drop builder, and much more. It also supports WooCommerce and MailChimp. Soccer comes with a Child Theme included, and it’s fully customizable and responsive.

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Sports & Fitness

Sports & Fitness WordPress theme offers seamless integration of colors with your own branding. It’s very simple to install, which is also another plus for this elegant and effective theme. Of course, it comes with a responsive layout, easy-to-follow timetables, various color choices, and a layer slider. It also boasts some pretty unique features such as showing the gym events in the calendar, tariff table creator, showing the gym timetables in a timetable ticker, presenting gym trainers in a specialized trainer page and keeping the gym activities neatly grouped together.

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Premier SportPress

This lovely and modern WordPress theme is a great choice for beginners and professionals alike. It comes with fully customizable team pages as well as super flexible league tables. You can easily enter the game results as the automated table standings will allow you to quickly process every result. The tables can get as specific as you want. The theme offers hassle-free event scheduling and club management as well. You can also add players to create interactive team rosters, ranking charts, and more. Of course, the theme is well-documented and fully supported.

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Eye Sports

With Eye Sports WordPress theme you can customize your website as much as you want and create various types of sites as this theme is designed with a wide sports niche in mind. There are tons of layout possibilities with the freedom to choose between plenty of colors and fonts. As it comes with a WP Bakery Page Builder, drag-and-drop makes it very easy to organize your content. It’s built on Bootstrap 3 with HTML5 and CSS3. The theme has a responsive design and it’s SEO-optimized. Eye Sports comes with a lot more useful features so don’t hesitate to check it out.

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Millside WordPress theme is a great choice for golf and sports websites. You can choose between 4 different layout options and enjoy various other pages available such as booking a tee time, photo gallery, rates, news list, etc. It also comes with Revolution Slider, Contact Form 7 and Visual Composer which will make the overall content organization and site management fully functional, easy and effective. Also, Millside is 100% responsive and retina-ready. You can enjoy countless customization options, photo galleries, upcoming events design, WooCommerce integration, Membership Enquiry Form, and much more, as well. The theme is SEO-friendly and supports social media links.

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Ultimate Soccer

Ultimate Sports WordPress theme is a great option for news/magazines/blog style websites that will be content-heavy. It’s also very useful when it comes to showcasing your club(s), matches, products for sale, etc. You have the freedom to build your site however you want with this theme. After all, Ultimate Soccer offers flexibility, 100% responsiveness, 7 different header styles to choose from, a complete Matches management module, team post type, as well as team lineup and team ranking. It’s very easy to set up, it’s compatible with WooCommerce and comes with many other handy plugins and features.

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Redy WordPress theme will surprise you with its colorful yet very modern design. It’s perfect for websites featuring cycling and running. However, it can be successfully used by personal trainers, coaches, health enthusiasts, life coaches, runners; it can be a blog, a magazine or a regular “business” site. Since it’s WooCommerce-ready, Redy can be used to sell your goods as well. Redy is great for all kinds of athletics sports: amateur or professional, kids or adults, rookie or veteran. The theme is Elementor compatible, which will make it even easier to get creative with layouts, and make the most out of the various plugins such as Timetable and Event Schedule, The Events Calendar, and so on. The theme is fully responsive, optimized for SEO, easy to customize, and with no coding necessary.

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Sport Grunge

The Sport & Grunge WordPress theme is a really interesting one. It’s primarily designed for websites featuring sports such as skateboarding and surfing, but because of its grungy vibe, it’s also a great theme for specific music industries. Backend WordPress options are really easy to use. In that sense, you can customize your home page however you see fit, and even control the button text with links. The slideshow options are also highly customizable. The theme also comes with its own News/Blog section which you can also tweak the way it suits your needs the best. Moreover, you can manage your products and orders with the help of Jigoshop shopping cart. It comes with Google Map and driving directions on the contact page as well as a built-in contact form and contact page template.

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Thunder is your ideal WordPress theme for sports news blog and magazine style websites. It’s perfect for soccer but other sports as well, such as basketball, rugby, volleyball, etc. This is a purpose-oriented design that’s very easy to manage since no prior knowledge of coding is required. Of course, Thunder is fully responsive, with two unique homepages, Google Fonts support, advanced typography, unlimited sidebars, one-click demo content, rich theme settings, various post formats and video gallery. The theme is integrated with SportsPress and supports WooCommerce. It comes with Contact Form 7, and it’s optimized cross-browser, easy to customize, translation-ready with simple social media integration.

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Freestyle WordPress theme is a great solution for websites dealing with extreme sports. Admin interface is really easy to use and powerful, with one-click demo site import. The theme allows you plenty of creativity when it comes to home and inner pages design. It comes with a large collection of custom shortcodes, Edge Slider, and zoom animations. Parallax effects are available on Edge Slider as well. There are also different types of headers as well as pages (Team, Pricing, Testimonials, Blog, etc.). Freestyle has an integrated search, custom widgets, 600+ Google Fonts, great typography settings and more. It’s retina- and translation-ready, 100% responsive, integrated with WooCommerce and WPML compatible.

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Fit+ is one of the multipurpose sports WordPress themes that’s powerful, modern and functional. This theme is completely responsive and comes with a very attractive package. It has a built-in GT3 page builder, simple and creative concept, fullscreen custom pages and well-organized content. It’s retina- and translation-ready, and supports MailChimp, keyboard and Contact Form 7. PSD files ad Revolution Slider are included. Customization is really extensive as the theme comes with 600+ Google Fonts, advanced theme settings panel, easy color management, and more. Aside from being powerful and flexible, Fit+ is SEO-optimized, which means that it’s quick and very easy to read.

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Alchemists WordPress theme is created so that you can make your own sports team or magazine website. There are different versions of this theme so that you can adjust it to the specific sport or purpose you want. There are 40+ custom blocks and elements for you to create the best possible experience for your sports version and vision. The theme is coded and supported by Elite Author and ensures top quality. Alchemists is also integrated with SportsPress and WooCommerce-ready. It comes with incredible features such as Google Fonts, PSD files, one-click demo installation, Redux theme options, custom sidebars, built-in mega menu, SVG icons, unlimited color choices, multiple blog/post layouts, and more. The theme is based on Bootstrap 3, which means that it’s very powerful and responsive. The layout is very flexible while the theme builder is simple to use.

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Winner is a sports, gym, and fitness WordPress theme. It’s perfect for sports and health clubs, as well as gyms and personal trainer websites. The elegant, beautiful yet professional design makes it very attractive. It contains plenty of simple yet very powerful elements which will make the page creation effective and quick. Winner is optimized for cross-browser use and search engines, it has a responsive design, mega menu, unlimited color options, parallax and video backgrounds, Revolution Slider, theme options, unlimited sidebars, 300+ icons, 30+ shortcodes, social media integration, AJAX search tool, and more. The theme is translation- and retina-ready, WPML compatible, with clean code and WooCommerce.

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If you’re looking for a WordPress sports theme that’s very effective for soccer and sports club websites, GoalPost is a great choice. It is cross-browser compatible, with Fixtures, Event manage, and Revolution Slider. The layout is responsive, with both parallax and video backgrounds. The theme features a WooCommerce shop, unlimited color options, audio, and video blog formats and even the latest matches results. GoalPost comes with all the necessary documentation included and a Child Theme. It has powerful theme options and supports Contact Form 7 plugin.

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Klippe is a very unique WordPress theme as it was designed for extreme sports and adventure tours websites. Just like the sports meant to be showcased with this theme, Klippe allows you to create a very thrilling website. It has great event layouts, map customization, amazing event carousel, and it lets you separate your events into categories. The theme comes with a stunning set of predesigned inner page layouts as well. Klippe is fully compatible with WooCommerce so that you can create your own online shop, and it’s made to look absolutely amazing on all devices. This theme is SEO-optimized, WPML compatible and Social media ready. Of course, it’s highly customizable so that you can create something truly exceptional and personal.

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Another very functional and effective WordPress theme for sports clubs, Sportix, won’t leave you disappointed. It is powered by SportsPress and League Manager plugin. The design is responsive, modern and professional, and allows you to share great amounts of content beautifully. Sportix supports various different sports such as Soccer, Football, American Football, Basketball, Rugby, and so on. It’s even great for gaming as well. Powerful theme options allow for great and easy customization. Sportix is compatible with WooCommerce and it also features plenty of custom widgets and a Live Editor. It also comes with RTL support, built-in YouTube TV and Facebook Comments, and social media sharing buttons.

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Team WordPress theme offers amazing website creation experience for multisport websites and even e-sports. The theme’s design is great for teams/clubs and different events. It provides demos for all sports you can think of as well as the most popular games. Thanks to the exclusive sports management system, the theme allows you to add new teams, players, matches, leagues, etc. with just a couple of clicks. Team is built with Visual Composer for the efficiency and ease of use and customization. It also features 90 exclusive sports add-ons. Of course, the theme is 100% responsive and has fully customizable colors and fonts.

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Trophy is a dynamic soccer club, sports and coaching WordPress theme. It comes with six incredible homepages, modern and practical predesigned inner page layouts and a neatly organized timetable layout. Trophy is 100% responsive with amazing plugins such as Revolution Slider, WPML, Contact Form 7, Visual Composer and WooCommerce. It has an extensive admin interface, one-click demo content, mega menu, customizable Google Maps, Social Icons widget, and more.

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If you’re passionate for football, you should definitely check out Escobars WordPress theme. The theme is flexible, so it can be used for any website purpose, but it will undoubtedly make anything football-related stand out. It’s built on Visual Composer for easy page building. The layout is fully responsive and retina-ready. Escobars is also translation- and MailChimp-ready. It supports WooCommerce, too. Escobars comes with Revolution Slider, unlimited color choices, 2 different homepage styles, sticky header/mega menu, shortcode generator, Redux Option Framework, Contact Form 7, custom widgets, and more. The theme is optimized for SEO and cross-browser compatible.

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As the name suggests, WinterZone is one of the ideal WordPress sports themes for skiing and other winter sports. This is another theme by Elite Author. It comes with 50+ predefined content elements and a drag-and-drop builder to make website creation simple, enjoyable and quick. The theme includes WPBakery page builder plugin together with Revolution Slider and Essential Grid. WinterZone is also optimized for SEO and very fast, as well as responsive and retina-ready. Customization options are endless.

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Sport Trainer

In case you’ve been looking for an edgy and modern WordPress theme that would suit boxing, yoga and/or a personal trainer website, stop looking because Sport Trainer has everything you need and more. What’s more, the theme assists you greatly in motivating your clients to reach their goals and aim higher. Sport Trainer WordPress theme is powered by Twitter Bootstrap 3, which makes it powerful, functional and easy to customize. There are several predesigned color combos to choose from, Revolution Slider, plenty of fonts and icons, custom widgets, Instagram feed, Contact Form 7, RTL support, and more. The theme is optimized for speed and fully responsive.

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This particular WordPress theme is a great choice for fitness centers, personal trainers and sport activity websites in general. What separates this theme from the rest is the provided 4 Calories Calculators (Widget Version). Since it’s built on Visual Composer, drag-and-drop page builder makes it really easy to organize your content. Activity is fully responsive, with a smooth user experience, Redux Theme Option, 600+ Google Fonts, 2 homepage versions, unlimited color styles, unique design, quotation page, and more.

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Top Club

This is yet another soccer club WordPress theme that will impress you with its modern design and built-in functions such as Fixtures and Results, Player profiles, League Tables, and similar. You can also opt for the SportsPress version of this theme. Top Club is built with HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap 3, which makes it 100% responsive and functional. It comes with a Live WP Customizer, WooCommerce integration, 3 layout types, etc. The theme is translation-ready, with pre-included widgets, one-click demo import, Font Awesome, and more.

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Welldone is a powerful sports nutrition and supplements store WordPress theme. It’s bold and responsive, with a multipurpose design to suit various website styles, and especially coaches and trainers. Of course, you can use this theme to open up your own sports shop online. It’s compatible with WPBakery and offers stunning, predefined demo layouts. The theme supports sticky menu, it’s retina-ready and optimized for SEO, easy to customize, with drag-and-drop builder, one-page site option and powerful admin interface.

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Let’s Play

Let’s Play is a very interesting WordPress sports theme as it was designed for sports such as hokey, skiing, snowboarding, and other ice/snow sports. Its design is fresh and versatile and allows for winter holidays/activities arrangement. The theme is compatible with WPBakery and easily customizable thanks to the powerful theme framework. Let’s Play is cross-browser optimized, it has interactive AJAX search and flexible colors and typography. Of course, Let’s Play is completely responsive and retina-ready. It comes with some very effective plugins such as Revolution Slider, WPML, Essential Grid, WooCommerce, and more.

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