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6 Best WordPress Rich Snippets Plugins To Add Schema Markup To WordPress

Last Updated on May 25th, 2021

Published on October 1st, 2018


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Wondering how to add rich snippets to WordPress so that you can make your site stand out in Google and other search engines?

You know, those eye-catching details like review stars and recipe images that really make a site look great in the SERPs.

Wonder no more – because in this post, I’m going to share the best rich snippets plugins that you can use to add schema markup to WordPress and make your site pop in the SERPs.

Let’s get started…

In Order To Add Rich Snippets To WordPress, You Need Schema Markup

While most people say that they want to add rich snippets to WordPress, rich snippets are actually the result of adding something else called structured data or schema markup. The two terms aren’t 100% the same, but they’re functionally the same for casual users, so I’ll just refer to everything as schema markup from now.

Schema markup is a behind-the-scenes coding language that communicates extra context about your content to search engines.

For example, schema markup tells Google, “that specific number is the review rating I gave the product. It gets 4.5 stars out of 5 possible stars”.

Once Google gets that information from the schema markup, it uses it to add rich snippets to your WordPress site’s content in the organic search listings – like review stars.

This is probably your next question:

How do you add the right schema markup to WordPress?

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Easy – you use a schema markup/rich snippets plugin, which is the focus of this post.

All the rich snippets plugins below will give you an easy way to add schema markup to WordPress. They go about it in different ways, though, so make sure you pick the option that’s best for your needs.

6 Best WordPress Schema Markup/Rich Snippets Plugins

1. Schema Pro

schema pro is one of the best rich snippets plugins

Schema Pro is a premium schema markup plugin from Brainstorm Force, the same team behind the popular Astra theme that Daan uses for EasyThemePacks.

Personally, it’s my favorite rich snippets plugin because it makes it easy to use JSON-LD markup, which is the implementation method that Google recommends:


By using JSON-LD schema markup, Schema Pro can help you get rich snippets without requiring you to add any new content to your site. As you’ll see with some of the other rich snippets plugins, it’s fairly common for plugins to force you to add a new content box to the front-end of your site.

Beyond that, Schema Pro also just generally has a really flexible implementation, especially if you use custom fields on your site.

Schema Pro:

  • Supports 13 different schema types, including everything from reviews to recipes and events
  • Automatically maps schema data to existing WordPress data (like making the review author equal to the WordPress author)
  • Lets you use include/exclude rules to control exactly which content gets which schema type. For example, you can automatically apply the Review schema type to all posts in your “Reviews” category.
  • Lets you add new custom fields to fill in other data, like your review rating
  • Alternatively, lets you map schema data to custom fields that you’ve added, including those added with tools like Advanced Custom Fields, Toolset, or Pods.

While it’s not free, if you’re serious about rich snippets and schema markup, Schema Pro gives you the most flexibility, and can also automate schema markup at a level that no other plugins offer.

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Price: $59, or part of the Astra Growth Bundle

Get Schema Pro

Or check out our Schema Pro review here.

2. WP Review Pro

wp review pro

Don’t let the name fool you – WP Review Pro isn’t just a simple product review plugin, though it definitely lets you do that well.

WP Review Pro actually supports 14 different types of rich snippets, which lets you get rich snippets for things like restaurants, recipes, software applications, and, oh yeah, product reviews.

It goes about this differently than Schema Pro, though. Whereas Schema Pro just adds the code quietly behind-the-scenes (i.e. your human visitors will never see anything), WP Review Pro actually adds a new content box to your post.

This approach isn’t necessarily better or worse than Schema Pro – it’s just something you should consider.

To control how this box looks, you can choose from 16 pre-defined designs, which look pretty great.

Beyond that core rich snippets functionality, WP Review Pro also offers some other more review-focused functionality like:

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  • User comment ratings/reviews
  • Integrations with Google Places, Yelp Reviews, Facebook Reviews, and WooCommerce
  • 10 custom widgets to display posts based on review ratings

Price: $67

Get WP Review Pro

3. All in One Schema.org Rich Snippets

all in one schema.org rich snippets

All in One Schema.org Rich Snippets is the first free rich snippets plugin on this list. It’s also from Brainstorm Force – the same developer as the Schema Pro plugin above.

But while the developer is the same, All in One Schema.org Rich Snippets has more in common with WP Review Pro than Schema Pro.

That is, All in One Schema.org Rich Snippets also adds a new front-end content box to your site that your visitors can see. By default, this box is barebones and doesn’t look anywhere near as nice as WP Review Pro’s content boxes. But All in One Schema.org Rich Snippets is also 100% free, and the styling is something that you can fix with CSS.

Here are some of the specific details on how All in One Schema.org Rich Snippets functions:

  • Supports 8 different schema types, including reviews, recipes, products, and more.
  • Lets you configure schema types on a per-post basis

If you specifically need a free plugin, this is the best free option that I’ve found.

Price: Free

Get All in One Schema.org Rich Snippets

4. Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin

rich snippets wordpress plugin

Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin is the most popular schema markup plugin at CodeCanyon, where it has over 1,500 sales.

One of the most unique things about Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin is that it gives you access to every single schema markup type from schema.org, which is more than most other plugins offer.

Once you select the schema markup type you want to add, Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin will try to link some of your existing content to the schema information. For everything else, you’ll need to manually enter it yourself.

While the breadth of coverage is great, I personally find the interface a little bit more time-consuming than most of the other plugins, so there is a trade-off.

But if you want to get access to all the schema types from schema.org, this is the best plugin that I’ve found for that.

Price: $67

Get Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin

5. WP Rich Snippets

wp rich snippets

WP Rich Snippets is another popular premium option that functions a lot like WP Review Pro and All in One Schema.org Rich Snippets. That is, it adds a new content box to the front-end of your site, along with the relevant schema markup for the content in that box.

It includes support for most popular types, including reviews, recipes, organizations, and more.

Beyond the core premium version, there are also other premium add-ons that add more schema types, as well as user reviews and comparison tables.

While WP Rich Snippets is a solid option, I think the new versions of Schema Pro or WP Review Pro now offer better value, so WP Rich Snippets is no longer as high on my list as it once was.

Price: $69

Get WP Rich Snippets

6. WordProof

WordProof structured data plugin

WordProof helps you add a very specific kind of structured data to your WordPress site, and you can combine it with all of the other schema plugins above.

Specifically, it helps you add blockchain timestamps to your structured data to verify ownership of your content and verifiably prove that it hasn’t been tampered with.

If you want to learn more about this topic, check out our complete WordProof review. The WordProof developer also has a detailed post on the benefits of using blockchain timestamps in your structured data.

Get WordProof

Which Schema Markup/Rich Snippets Plugin Should You Use?

For the best overall schema markup/rich snippets plugin, I recommend Schema Pro because it uses the Google-recommended JSON-LD markup. It’s also the most flexible plugin and doesn’t require you to add new content to the front-end of your site.

If you do want a front-end content box, go with WP Review Pro for a premium option, or All in One Schema.org Rich Snippets for a simpler (and uglier) free version.

And if you want access to the most schema markup types, go with Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin because it gives you access to every single content type at schema.org.

Finally, if you want to add blockchain timestamps to your structured data, check out the WordProof plugin. It can help you with that plus a lot more, and you can combine it with all of the other plugins on this list.

Have any other questions about how to add rich snippets to WordPress? Let us know in the comments and we’ll try to help out!

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