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WordPress Productivity Plugins for Your Business Website

Last Updated on June 15th, 2020

Published on January 19th, 2012


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WordPress is not just a way to publish pages on the internet. There are all kind of things that you can do with it. For example, there are many WordPress plugins that can be used on business or corporate websites to increase productivity, interactivity, sharing content and data in formats other than HTML.

In this post we will look at some WordPress productivity plugins that might help corporate / business website maintainers to enhance their WordPress powered websites with more features.

Calendar Plugins for WordPress

All-In-One Event Calendar

An event calendar plugin that can help you list events on your WordPress website. After installing the plugin you need to go to the configuration page and set up options to meet your needs. Since I was just testing the plugin, I went with the default options.

  • By default, the plugin would create a new page “Calendar”, you can create your own page and use it to display calendar.
  • It also adds a new menu in your WordPress admin menu called “Events”. You can add an event with date and time.
  • You can also attach a map to display the location of the event.
  • Sort events in categories or tags.
  • Each event has its own entry. You can enter as many details as you want with an event.
  • You can import and export calendar data to and from Google Calendar, MS Outlook, Apple iCal, or any other calendar that uses iCalendar format.

All-in-One Event Calendar »

WordPress Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar plugin is especially useful for website administrators and editors, who often have content scheduled to be published in the future. It provides a calendar view, where website administrators can see when they have posts scheduled and which days are empty. This quick glance will speed things up for editors, site admins, and professional bloggers.

  • A calendar view of all your posts and when they are scheduled to be published.
  • A quick way to navigate through content.
  • Easily drag and drop posts to different dates.
  • An easier and simpler interface to quickly edit your drafts and posts.

WordPress Editorial Calendar »

FT Calendar – WordPress Event Calendar Plugin

A premium WordPress event calendar plugin, FT Calendar provides multiple calendars, recurring events and easy import/ export of calendar data. It provides a simplistic and easy to use interface to create your events, manage them, and share them on your website in many different ways.

  • Multiple Calendars – you can create multiple calendars to share on your website.
  • Easy import / export of Calendar data using ical feed.
  • Widget to add a calendar view into your website’s sidebar or any widgetized area.
  • Shortcodes to add full calendars anywhere in posts, pages, or widgets.
  • Shortcodes for different views like Monthly, Weekly, or daily views.
  • Upcoming Events can be added to Widgets using shortcode.

FT Calendar Plugin »

WordPress Task Management and Collaboration Plugins


Collabpress is a simple yet powerful WordPress collaboration and task management plugin. WordPress Site Admins can create projects and add users to it. Users and Admins can add tasks, edit them and add comments to them. It can be integrated into the front end of your website as well.

  • Simple user interface to manage projects.
  • It uses WordPress user management to assign users to a project.
  • Creating, editing and updating tasks in the task list.
  • Comments on each task item.
  • Email notifications for new tasks, status updates and comments.
  • Calendar view for a quick view of what’s happening on the projects.
  • Shortcode to share progress on the front end of your WordPress website.
  • Community support forum on the official website.

Collabpress »

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WordPress Newsletter and Mailing List Plugins


MailPress is not just a newsletter or mailing list management plugin, it claims to be a complete mail management solution for WordPress powered websites. It comes with many addons that can be enabled from the addons page. Next to each addon, there is a link to the addon page on the MailPress Wiki, where you can learn more about using that addon on your websiteSubscribe to comments addon.

  • Create and Manage Contact Forms.
  • Create and manage Mailing lists.
  • Create and manage Newsletters. You can also create and manage newsletters for different categories.
  • Stylize MailPress using themes and custom HTML, or you can choose to send text only emails aswell.
  • Add subscription forms to your website using MailPress Widget.

MailPress »

e-Newsletter – Premium WordPress Newsletter Plugin

e-Newsletter is a premium newsletter plugin offering an easy way to create and manage newsletters. This plugin takes a more simplistic approach to newsletter management by offering a simple editor to compose your newsletters, templates, simple integration on your site using a widget.

  • Create and edit newsletter in a feature rich compose mode.
  • Use HTML templates to send newsletters.
  • Statistics to see how your newsletter is doing.
  • Easily integrate subscription forms using widget.
  • Works with WordPress 3.1, MultiSite and BuddyPress.

e-Newsletter Plugin »

Gravity Forms – WordPress Contact Form Plugin

Gravity Forms is a premium WordPress Plugin to create contact forms for your website. Surely, there are many other free options available. However, Gravity forms is packed with powerful features and makes it dead simple for users to create forms and integrate them quickly on their websites.

  • Simple, intuitive and very easy to use interface to create forms.
  • You can create order forms, newsletter subscription forms, user survey forms, and so on.
  • It integrates well with other services such as paypal, Mailchimp, Aweber, etc.
  • Easy to customize and stylize your forms.
  • Easy to integrate using shortcodes, widget, or function calls.

Gravity Forms »

WordPress Document Embedding Plugins

For many business websites, there comes a point where you would simply want to share an Excel spreadsheet, or a Word Document. Sometimes you would want to embed a powerful slideshow created with powerpoint, or allow users to download different type of documents from your website. By default, WordPress does not handle these documents, but with plugins you can embed these documents, attach them to your posts as downloads, and share these files with the world.

Google Document Embedder

Google Doc Embedder allows you to embed MS-Office, PDF, Open Document Format, and many other type of files and documents. It works like a charm and it is very simple to use. It uses Google Docs Viewer to embed files into any webpage for inline viewing. It can handle many document formats, and you don’t need to upload your files to Google Docs or anyother third party website.

  • Supports MS-Office, PDF, Open Office, XML, ZIP, PSD, TTF, TIFF and many other formats.
  • Upload files to any webserver, or embed a file from anywhere on the web.
  • Shortcode that you can use anywhere on your website.
  • Optionally add a download link, or add a download link for registered users only.
  • Configure Google Analytics to work with the plugin to get more stats about Document viewing.

Google Document Embedder »

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EG-Attachments allows you to add attachments other than images to your posts and pages for users to download. Using this plugin you can add PDF files, Audio and Video files, and many other file types attached to your posts.

  • Upload files to your server (either manually or using the media uploader), add shortcode [attachment] manually or use the button in the visual editor to configure more options.
  • Icons displayed with each file type.
  • Shortcode can be modified manually inside the post editor to change various options.
  • Enable Statistics from Eg-attachments Options menu and you can see download statistics.

Eg-Attachments »

Backupbuddy – Premium WordPress Backup Plugin

If you are careless about backups, then let me tell you from personal experience that it is really painful when something bad happens and you don’t have a backup to restore your website. I have learned this the hard way, so I can not stress enough when I am saying that it is really important to keep a back up of your WordPress Website. It is even more important to keep backups for a business website. Backupbuddy is a plugin that makes backups easy. Backupbuddy is a powerful premium plugin, it not just backsup your database, it creates a complete backup of your site and makes it easy to restore it anywhere else. It works well with remote cloud storage options such as Amazon, Rackspace and Dropbox, so you can easily save your backups on the cloud automatically.

See our full review of Backup Buddy here

  • Easy to set up automatic backups.
  • Easy to restore data from a backup.
  • Supports remote backups.
  • Includes a Malware Scanner to check your data for potential exploits.
  • Comprehensive backup of database, files, themes, and directories, which makes restoration faster.

BackupBuddy »

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