WordPress Pop-up Plugin – Build Your Mailing List Faster With ConvertPlug

Published on February 18th, 2016

Last Updated on April 1st, 2021

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ConvertPlug is a WordPress plugin designed to help you collect website visitors email addresses and add them to your mailing list. You can use it for generating modal popups, info bars and slide-ins. It has a live editor for designing your popups and customizing the look of their preset templates or you can create your own from scratch and it has built-in A/B testing so you can see which are most effective.


You can use the plugin to display your popups where you like and set the behavior for them, triggering them on exit-intent, after a few seconds and so on.


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  • Display Positions – Different offers or messages need different targeting positions. ConvertPlug offers multiple targeting positions allowing you to choose the best one for your message.
  • Ready-made styles & templates – Get up and running quickly utilizing built-in library of professionally designed templates to create your own branded offer within a minute.
  • Real-time live editor – Boost productivity with live editor to unleash your creativity effortlessly. Make changes to built-in templates with a speed of your thoughts that too without any coding skills.
  • Exit Intent Technology – Recover abandoning visitors and turn them into subscriber & customers. Show customized and targeted offers at the precise movement when visitor is about to leave your website.
  • 2-Step Opt-In Technology – Utilize explore action of visitor when they click on link, image or button to display customized offers. This technology is proven to amplify conversions & generate higher-quality email list.
  • Capture & Sync Leads – Exclusive feature that creates multiple segmented email lists based on variety of your offerings & categories. Capture, sync, manage & analyze your contacts all in one place.
  • A/B Test & Analyze – Unlimited number of real-time split tests so you could find out which message relate best for your audience. Now you can stop guessing & make informed decisions to accelerate your revenue.

Setting up The Plugin

Once you activate the plugin, you are taken to a nice welcome screen which has some information about the plugin, a tab where you can deactivate unwanted modules and a registration tab so you can activate access to the support portal, one click updates, extensions and many other addon freebies.


If you click the “Get Started” button you will be taken to a page where you can choose to create your first modal popup, along the top is tabs for All, Exit Intent, Optins, Offers, Updates, Social and Video. You can click these to see the different types of popups you can create and choose one as a starting point for your design, you also have the option to start off with a blank one.


If you hover an item, you have the option to “Live Preview” it which load it up in your browser.

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Once you have chosen your starting design, click the “Use This” link and the plugin will launch the popup designer. You can give your design a name and then visit the “Modal Layout” link and you can choose from different layout options in the style of your chosen popup, you can also upload an image to be used and change its size and position using sliders. You also have the option to hide the image on mobile devices.


The “Background” tab allows you to alter the overlay color, popup background color and the content background color, you also have the option here to upload background images.


The “Form Layout” tab lets you choose different formats for the actual form, alignments, text color, fonts, button styling and so on.


At any point you can change any of the text live, by clicking on it and using the tools above to change fonts, size, colors and so on.


The “Form Separator” tab is for choosing an effect which separates the main area from the form area, you can choose None, Clouds, Triangle or round split. Here you can see what the “Clouds” separator looks like :

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The “Close Link” tab is for adjusting your close button link when the popup has been triggered, you can change the image used and the size of it. You also have the option to display some text when someone hovers over it and set the background color for this


To draw more attention to your popup you also have the option of adding animation to it, you can choose from a large amount of animations options for when the popup appears and when it is closed. You can also choose to disable these on mobile devices.


Your final design options are located in the “Advance Design” tab where you can adjust the width of the popup, border style, shadow, enter custom CSS and it also has an option to become an affiliate so you can earn money by displaying a referral link on your popup if you wish.


Once you are happy with the look of your popup, you can set the behavior for it by clicking the cog icon top left. Here you can set it trigger before the user leaves the page or after a few seconds, when the person scrolls, when the user is inactive or launch it after your content.


The “Repeat Control” section allows you to stop the popup appearing after a conversion, ie if a user signs up with it. You can also set it to not show again after a user closes it and set the time frame. This is controlled by use of a cookie on the users machine.

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The final area to look at is the “Submission” tab, here you can setup a thankyou message or redirect the user after they signup and set a failed message if their email is incorrect.


If you dont want to use a modal popup, you also have the option to create info bars


And slide-ins:


Creating a Campaign

To start using the popup you created, you need to setup a “Campaign” so you can use the emails you collect, you have the option of using the plugin to store them or connecting to a third party :

  • Aweber
  • MailChimp
  • Mad Mimi
  • Campaing Monitor
  • Active Campaign
  • iContact
  • MyEmma
  • HubSpot


Once that’s done, you can visit the “Connects” link where your campaigns are listed.


And from there you are able to view the Analytics for each which will show your conversions.



The plugin is available to purchase on CodeCanyon for $21 with 6 months support and updates. An extra 6 months support is $6.30 bringing you up to $27.30 for the year. Support is provided by a ticketing system and there are full support documents online also.



This is a very good plugin indeed, the popup designer feels very polished and is extremely easy to use with a good amount of customization options available to you – updating your design in real time feels nice to use. The pre-set designs are very functional and you should be able to tweak them to get them looking how you want and match them into your site’s branding – I would have preferred a few more designs though, some of them look a little dated but that’s an easy fix.

For the price though, this plugin excels – $21 for this type of plugin is a steal compared to other competing products – ConvertPlug may not have as many features as others but if you need a simple plugin to handle your optins on your site then I think you should definitely take a look at it.

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