WordPress & Politics: Political WordPress Themes & Plugins for Politicians, Elections & Campaigns 2016

Published on May 14th, 2015

Last Updated on October 25th, 2019

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We have just had a General Election here in the UK which gave me the idea to look into how WordPress is being used in Politics.

In the age of the internet and rise of Social Media, having a solid web presence for politicians and political parties is a must, as you can see from the examples I have listed below there are a number of parties using WordPress to good effect. In really is a perfect fit – every type of functionality you can think of that would be required can be handled with ease by WordPress – events, donations, media, supporters – the plugins all exist and often for free so take a look below for some plugin recommendations.

Political WordPress themes are also well covered – I have listed over 20 themes which are specifically designed to be used by Politicians and Political Parties, all feature relevant styling and extra functionality to help you build a site to suit.

Examples of Political Sites

Before we move on to plugins and themes I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at some political websites which are currently using WordPress, these give you real world examples of what you can accomplish with WordPress.

Liberal Party of Canada

The Liberal Party of Canada has taken WordPress to a whole new level – they integrate BuddyPress, a plugin which brings community and social features to WordPress, along with other tools which are pivotal to the campaigning process.


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Jeb Bush for President


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South Carolina Republican Party


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Senator Rand Paul


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Political WordPress Plugins

Now lets take a look at some plugins which can add the functionality you need for a political website – support ribbons for campaign supporters to install, an events calendar would be essential for most sites, a good plugin to accept campaign donations, supporters database and so on.

Show Support Ribbon

Show support for your favorite cause, event, charity, political event, or anything else that’s awesome. Show Support Ribbon includes four built-in ribbon styles and makes it easy to customize with your own CSS.


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HeritageAction Scorecard

The HeritageAction Scorecard enhanced Member of Congress bubble effect is essentially a replacement of the member of congress’ name with inline markup that indicates the name can be interacted with, and a hidden bubble of information that is displayed when hovered over by the user.


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MoveOn Campaigns

Display and sign MoveOn.org campaign petitions on your site. Integrate directly into you theme or content, or use as a sidebar widget.


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All-in-One Event Calendar

The All-in-One Event Calendar from Timely is a beautiful way to list your events in WordPress and easily share them with the rest of the world. Our calendar system combines clean visual design with a powerful set of features to create the most advanced calendar system available for WordPress.


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Participants Database

This plugin offers all the functionality needed to build and maintain a database of people. The database is fully configurable, allowing you to define all the fields of information you want to store for each record. The records can be entered individually in the WordPress admin section, imported with a CSV file, or let the individuals themselves create their own record.


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WP Donations

With more than 2000 sites powered by WPdonations, WPdonations is the best donations plugin.

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Testimonials Widget

Testimonials Widget lets you randomly slide or list selected portfolios, quotes, reviews, or text with images or videos on your WordPress site. You can insert Testimonials content via shortcode, theme functions, or widgets with category and tag selections and having multiple display options such as random or specific ordering.


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Political WordPress Themes

Here I have listed as many dedicated themes for politicians and political parties that I could find – of course it’s possible to use just about any business type WordPress theme for the purpose but these themes will typically include styling more suited to the purpose and some extra functionality if you dont want to hunt down plugins for each extra purpose.


Candidate is a stunning diplomatic and political wordpress theme, with a clean, modern and crisp design perfect for a political campaigner or political campaign.


Details / Download »


Politics WordPress Theme is created as a wonderful solution for any political, election and other social movements websites, political party sites, fundraisers, candidate profiles and other political websites that require special events functionality and donation payment option.


Details / Download »


Our Diplomat Responsive Politic Micro Niche WordPress Theme is a great-looking theme which was professionally developed with passion by our developers team. With this bright and attractive design the theme is suitable to a political campaign and to any nonprofit organisation.


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Political is a WordPress theme, this page is exactly that you need if you want to show information about a candidate campaign and it can be used for other websites related to politics. Even it can be used for other general purpose websites.


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Candidate is a unique and professionally done WordPress theme that will be suitable for any nonprofit organization, such as charity, political campaign etc.. It includes all the needed tools such as Visual Content Composer, Visual Composer Form Builder, Revolution Slider, powerful settings panel that will help you to build a really good website.


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Right Way

Right Way is a modern WordPress theme created towards Politics and Politicians. It’s characterized by attractive and bright design, as well as numerous options and functions. Focused especially on politics and politicians


Details / Download »


Politicize is a responsive WordPress theme which is designed for politicians, political parties. It is compatible with all modern mobile devices.


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Whether you’re a political blogger or political candidate, “Election” will give you a beautiful website design that is mobile friendly, functionally robust, SEO friendly, and easy to use.


Details / Download »


It’s a new age on the web for politicians and government agencies. The Legislator WordPress theme will help usher your campaign to the masses in an elegant, bold and descriptive way.


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We Stand

It’s a clean and elegant theme, developed mainly to setup charity,NGOs, political, nonprofit orgnizations ,church, donationand corporate websites.


Details / Download »


Senator is a political WordPress theme which features a responsive, retina-ready & minimal design which focuses on usability, a great user experience and performance. Senator boasts a flexible design, top notch support and is one of the easiest to use and most versatile political themes on the market.


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Parlament is a political WordPress theme which features a highly interactive and retina-ready design, fully responsive implementation and a focus on user experience, usability and performance.


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Political Press

Political Press is a purpose oriented WordPress theme for politics related websites and blogs. Political Press theme’s usage is not limited to creating a political candidate campaign website and it can be used for other websites or blogs related to politics.


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City Government

City Government Theme WordPress theme is a web masterpiece which is designed for government departments, agencies and local government sites. It is compatible with all modern mobile devices.


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Political WordPress theme – 100% Responsive – made with Bootstrap 3, Powerful admin options, Unlimited color options, Predefined or custom backgrounds, 5 header options, More than 300 possible home page layouts.


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Politic: Campaign & Political WordPress Theme, our very first file on this beautiful market, extremely unique with a bunch of cool features, just enough to keep you busy.


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Politician Responsive WordPress Theme uses a great deal of white/dark space to create a clean feel to this site. The elements of this web design are nicely spaced out to create a clean overall design.


Details / Download »


Campaign is a theme that’s made to help you win in your political race and be the hub of your campaign. It’s built with the WP Email Capture plugin (both the free and premium versions) in mind to collect names and emails of your constituents.



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The premier political theme on Theme Forest! Politico is ideal for political campaign sites. The slideshow is great for drawing attention to important issues or promoting a candidate into office.


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