WordPress Social Sharing Optimization (WPSSO) improves ranking and Click-Through-Rate (CTR) on social websites and Google Search – A fast, reliable and full featured plugin. Don’t settle for traditional SEO plugins with mediocre social meta tag support – you can keep your SEO plugin and extend its functionality with WPSSO.


Key Features

  • Adds Open Graph / Rich Pin meta tags (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.).
  • Configurable image sizes, title and description lengths for different contexts.
  • Optional fallback to a default image and video for index and search webpages.
  • Supports featured, attached, gallery shortcode, and/or HTML image tags in content.
  • Validates image dimensions to provide accurate media for social websites.
  • Auto-regeneration of inaccurate / missing WordPress image sizes.
  • Support for embedded videos (iframe and object HTML tags).
  • Fully renders content (including shortcodes) for accurate description texts.
  • Includes author and publisher profile URLs for Facebook and Google Search.
  • Includes hashtags from Post / Page WordPress Tags.
  • Includes the author’s name for Pinterest Rich Pins.
  • Uses object and transient caches to provide incredibly fast execution speeds.
  • Includes a Google / SEO description meta tag if a known SEO plugin is not detected.
  • Provides Facebook, Google+ and Twitter URL profile contact fields.
  • Validation tools and special meta tag preview tabs on admin edit pages.
  • Customizable multilingual Site Title and (default) Description texts.

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