WPLegalPages is a dead-simple WordPress Plugin that helps you set up legal policy pages for your WordPress website , in less than 5 minutes. Just enter your business details that need to be injected into the ready-made templates. Then choose which templates out of the library you want to publish, click the button and you have your legal pages up and running.


You can choose from 17 ready-made templates and even force users to agree with the terms before proceeding.

Key Features

  • EU Cookie Policy Provision
  • Forced Page/Post Options
  • 17 Ready-To-Use Legal Policy Pages – listed below
  • 1. Terms of use (forced agreement – don’t allow your users to proceed without agreeing to your terms)
  • 2. Linking policy template
  • 3. External links policy template
  • 4. Terms and conditions template
  • 5. Refund policy template
  • 6. Affiliate disclosure template
  • 7. Privacy Policy template
  • 8. Affiliate agreement template
  • 9. FB privacy policy template
  • 10. Earnings Disclaimer template
  • 11. Antispam template
  • 12. Double dart cookie template
  • 13. Disclaimer template
  • 14. FTC statement template
  • 15. Medical disclaimer template
  • 16. Testimonials disclosure template
  • 17. Amazon affiliate template

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