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WP Reactions

If you think Facebook Reactions are cool you’re gonna love WordPress Reactions. The #1 Animated Emoji Reaction Plugin for WordPress. Simply turn them on and they go to work for you engaging your audience within your blog posts, pages, and WooCommerce product pages and more. Our powerful and easy to use admin panel is designed for all WordPress users and puts you in full control of your Reactions and Social Media features. One-Click activation will deploy your emoji reactions sitewide or you can generate shortcodes with our Shortcode Generator and manage them in our editor.

Choose from 200 of the very best quality Lottie animated and static SVG emojis. Our emojis are licensed, JoyPixels emojis that are the most popular and widely used emojis on the planet. You can be sure that your users will know and love them. Put them anywhere and everywhere you want to get a reaction, set up a poll for your users to vote on images and videos. Add to your WooCommerce product pages to find out what your customers really think. Set up your own user counts. WP Reactions is so flexible and versatile that will always deliver a great user experience to your audience no matter how you use them.

Create unlimited emoji and social media combinations to start engaging your audience like never before. Our emoji reactions are guaranteed to increase user engagement and social sharing wherever you place them. Check out our live demo and you will quickly see how WP Reactions can keep your audience engaged on pages and posts for longer. And, now you can integrate your WooCommerce product page with emoji reactions in 5 hook locations. Our latest feature is the Reaction Button. Create your own button and pack it with emojis and social sharing and your users will go crazy over it!

We believe in value and customer service. That’s why our one-time price is Only $39 and you get Lifetime Updates plus one year of priority customer support. No API required and no monthly fees ever. Try our live demo and see how you can start creating excitement around your content, images, video, woo pages, and more. What’s your Reaction?

Key Features

  • 200 JoyPixels Animated Emoji Reactions
  • Top Social Sharing Platforms
  • Reactions
  • Reaction Button
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • One-Click Global Activation for Bloggers
  • Shortcode Generator
  • Social Pop-up
  • Social Buttons
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Flying Animated text
  • set user counts and so much more.
  • One Price fits all and tons of features and options for all WordPress Users
  • Money-back Guarantee