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WooCommerce Membership

Selling access to your WordPress content has never been easier! WooCommerce Membership lets you sell online memberships with WooCommerce and at the same time restrict access to posts, pages and other content so only members with specific membership plans can access it. Create unlimited membership plans. Turn any WooCommerce product into a membership product that grants access to one or more membership plans. Set membership expiry date. Possibilities are endless – be sure to check our online demo to see this for yourself.


Key Features

  • Create unlimited online membership plans
  • Assign plans to WooCommerce products
  • Add or remove members manually or automatically when they buy membership products
  • Link plans to other plans to have them assigned to members automatically (create a content drip feed)
  • Set up an optional expiration time to make sure users are not getting lifetime access if they are not supposed to
  • Memberships also expire automatically when corresponding orders are cancelled or refunded
  • Restrict access to content in your WordPress site (posts, pages, custom post types)
  • Grant access to all members, all non-members or by selecting specific membership plans
  • Posts that user does not have access to are also removed from all lists and menus
  • Bulk edit for posts and pages so you can restrict access to all of them at once
  • Built-in access restriction shortcodes for granular access control