Visual Slide Box Builder

Visual Slide Box Builder is a plugin that allows you to create awesome hover animations visually, without writing a line of code. With the help of a WYSIWYG interface and a live preview you can easily create really cool hover animations to capture your visitor’s attention.


The plugin employs CSS and javascript to create amazing transitions and effects. There are over 20 different effects to choose from, and a full range of properties that you can change. Such as border, opacity, size, rounded corners etc. Make your site alive with this simple yet powerful plugin.
Visual Editor

Key Features

  • Live Preview
  • No Coding
  • 20+ Built-in Animations
  • Responsive
  • Create Unlimited Animations

When you already have created your awesome hover animations you may want to use it on the standard WordPress theme, or even on customized by WordPress landing page plugin. Check Divi Wordpress theme examples that can inspire you to create a unique experience for your visitors.

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