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ThreatPress Security is a free, lightweight, simple, super-fast security and monitoring plugin for WordPress. Works like an “early warning system”. Detects vulnerable software and notifies you about possible threats. Also, it can check the integrity of WordPress file system, check your site against several most influent blacklists and more.

Key Features

  • It scans plugins, themes, WordPress core and check’s them against ThreatPress database of vulnerable WordPress software (
  • Look up for the domain/site status against several most popular blacklists like Google Safe Browsing, PhishTank, Malware domain list and Spamhaus ZEN (
  • WordPress core integrity scanner can identify any changes made to core files thus helps to detect a security breach.
  • The plugin uses only latest data and it achieved by collecting necessary data through several API’s. So if we add a new record about the vulnerable plugin to the ThreatPress database of vulnerable WordPress software, it will be available for all plugin users instantly.
  • The plugin has some basic security tests and hardening options like login protection or expiration of passwords.