Rexpansive Page Builder – Insert. Expand. Done! Create a unique and creative layout in with ease, thanks to expansion which lets you enlarge or move photos, texts and videos, without having to set anything up. As of today creating a layout is simple, by inserting photos, videos or text. With a straightforward expansion your layouts will be spectacular.


Key Features

  • Unlimited page
  • Unlimited image
  • Unlimited text
  • Responsive. You can be sure that each pixel will respond!
  • ResponsiveImage
  • Future updates
  • Documentation
  • Powerful panel
  • Support
  • One page
  • Grid&Masonry
  • Order
  • Video
  • Clone
  • Space
  • Unlimited section
  • Unlimited color
  • Overlay
  • Custom sizes
  • Align
  • Distance
  • Gallery style
  • Link
  • Text Fill
  • Custom code


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