Retainful lets you recover abandoned carts in your WooCommerce store with a single click. The plugin can automatically send cart abandonment email reminders to the customers at well-timed intervals.

Recover every single cart. Just choose a template & set the time interval. Let Retainful send the email whenever someone abandons the cart. No need to send the remainders manually.

The plugin can send a series of emails to the customer until he recovers the cart. The emails can be sent at predefined intervals automatically.

7 out of 10 potential shoppers leave without buying in most stores. With automatic email reminders, it is possible to recover at least 30% of the lost sales.

Retainful is available in Free and Premium versions.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

  • Capture all abandoned carts, including guest carts
  • Automatically send abandoned cart reminder emails to the customers when they leave something in their cart.
  • Single-click cart recovery
  • Send a series of well-timed emails. (Scheduling)
  • Create an unlimited email sequence
  • Personalize the emails with shortcodes for customer name
  • Include the cart summary (cart items and totals) with a link to recover it.
  • Check abandoned carts in real-time.
  • Abandoned cart reports – View recovered carts and their value.
  • When the cart is recovered, it automatically stops sending the emails.
  • Notify store administrators when a cart is recovered (So you can thank your customer for coming back)
  • Beautiful, responsive email templates
  • Collect Email at the time of adding to cart  (premium)
  • Send a coupon when collecting the email (premium)

Next Order Coupon

  • Generates a single-use, unique coupon for the next purchase
  • The coupon is sent within the order notification email itself
  • Coupon applies automatically
  • Usage restrictions for coupons based on products, categories
  • Expiry/validity for coupons
  • Insights / Analytics – A Dashboard to track email opens, clicks and conversions

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