Power Widgets

Power Widgets is the most advanced plugin to create and manage custom sidebars on your WordPress website. The plugin allows you to manage custom sidebars for pages, posts, categories, tags and default template pages from a single location. You can create patterns and save time while creating and utilizing advanced customization on the fly. Power Widgets includes built in capability to import your custom sidebars from your old theme while changing to a newer theme, and make adjustments as required so you don’t have to work twice.


Key Features

  • Customize anything on your site: page, post, category, tag, single post, archive pages.
  • Customize your sidebars from one single location. No more going page by page and customizing it individually, saving and refreshing.
  • When it makes more sense to work your customization from inside the page, just use the Power Widgets table available inside any page. That way you get to maintain maximum flexibility while you work on your site.
  • Apply repeated custom sidebars patterns. Set them once, and use it across your site – this feature alone can grant you the flexibility you need and yet save you time thanks to the smart design and easy workflow.
  • Change your theme, keep your custom sidebars. Theme replacements importer allows you to switch between themes and import your settings, and have your new theme inherit your custom sidebars you have previously assigned.
  • Never have to code again, using Power Widgets is easy and user friendly and we are packed with all the tutorials and documentations you’ll ever need.
  • Broad theme compatibility – we’re expanding Power Widgets theme compatibility on a regular basis. Check it out and see if your theme of choice is already supported. If it’s not on the list, just drop us a line, we love challenges.
  • Work with WordPress Network (multisite) configuration

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