Pie Register – WordPress Registration Plugin

With Pie Register, you can quickly create a registration form to let visitors register to your website and pay for priority content and services via PayPal, Stripe or Authorize.net. It also allows you to block certain users based on preset criteria and have CAPTCHA/reCAPTCHA on the forms to make sure the site is not being spammed by bots.

The integrated role based page access makes sure that users can access only the allowed pages. Unwanted users can be blocked by username, email and IP address adding an extra layer of security to the website.

Plugin comes in two versions, community and professional. The community version is free, has limited features and is supported by the plugin community and developers via the forums; the professional version has more advanced features and comes with ticket based support with the development team.

Best of all Pie Register offers perpetual licensing – purchase once and use for a lifetime, no hassle or recurring periodic payments.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Registration Forms
  • Content Restriction
  • Conditional Logic
  • Verify and Moderate Registrations
  • Invitation codes for Invitation-only Sites
  • Role-based Redirection
  • IP Blacklisting
  • 2-step Authentication over SMS/text Messaging
  • Spam Protection
  • Custom Email Notification
  • Membership Fees
  • PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.net for payment processing

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