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Magic Tooltips For Gravity Forms

With Magic Tooltips For Gravity Forms you can add tooltips to all of your Gravity Forms fields. Supports mobile devices, image tooltips, custom help icons, Font Awesome, video tooltips and so much more.

Magic Tooltips For Gravity Forms is a simple, easy-to-use WordPress plugin that enables you to add all types of tooltips to your Gravity Forms fields.

Key Features

  • Added support for Font Awesome 5
  • Display a field label as a tooltip title or create a custom label.
  • Add the jQuery Accordion to your tooltips.
  • Disable tooltips by device.
  • Custom tooltip styling (Named Styles) is now supported for each field.
  • Add tooltips to Form Field Descriptions and HTML fields.
  • Custom help icons for tooltips now supported.
  • Submit button tooltips are now supported.
  • Lightbox support for tooltip images added. To use this feature check the following options in the settings: “Enable lightbox mode for images in tooltip content” and “Show lightbox when user clicks on help icon”.
  • No-Label Fields – With this new feature, you can hide field labels and display a placeholder label inside the field itself. To use this new feature, check the option for When to Show Tooltip: “When mouse hovers over the input field of form field.”
  • You can now configure responsive CSS for mobile devices with the Tooltip Style Generator.
  • You can now add tooltips to an html block.
  • You can now add tooltips to a section break.
  • Support added for radio button and checkbox answer choices. You can now add tooltips to individual radio button and checkbox answer. Check out these easy instructions to get started.
  • Gravity Forms Tooltips Visual Editor. Use the visual editor to easily style your tooltips.
  • Video Tooltips. Now you can add a Youtube Video in a tooltip by using the standard Youtube Embed code. Shortcode is also supported.