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Gonzales is WordPress performance plugin that eliminates unused CSS and JS files from your website.

Excluding such a files reduce number of requests to server and dozens of transferred kilobytes so your site visitors will load content faster. Results affects PageSpeed, YSlow and other services score so your site will be treated more professional.

It’s extremely simple tool for everyone but dedicated especially for non-programmers. Gonzales can work alone or with other optimization plugins like W3 Total Cache. It means that you can achieve out of box performance boost without additional configuration.


Thanks Gonzales you can define whether plugins resources (JS/CSS) should load everywhere or on selected page only. Simple but powerful tool which will make your WordPress website more lightweight.

Key Features

  • speed up downloading time – especially perceptible on mobile devices
  • speed up rendering time – less data, fast content delivery
  • reduce number of requests – save user data and decrease server load
  • improve PageSpeed, YSlow, Pingdom and other services score
  • make you and your visitors happy!