GOCHA Video Comment Plugin

We have a plugin that revolutionizes the online video experience in WordPress. It implements features of unique comment system along with timeline, to be able to comment chosen scenes, as well as time periods of the video. What’s more, it automatically embeds into linked videos from external platforms. Very wide possibility of usage in almost any branch.

  • Two mechanisms let you choose and make the conversations even more interesting. One mode lets you comment single scene, whereas the other one groups comments from specified time range.
  • Easy and automated integration requires practically no configuration. Its predefined options are pretty universal already.
  • Intuitive interface is simple and will be liked by huge audiences


Key Features

  • wide integration with WordPress and external videos
  • two modes allow for better adoption for specific purpose
  • comment grouping feature
  • dedicated timeline to navigate across comments
  • customizable appearance
  • Visual Composer integrated
  • responsive – mobile prepared

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