GOCHA GEO Targeting

If you like maps, there’s good news for you. Now, you can benefit even more with brand new functionalities. This is something more than just standard maps.

You can transpose the richness of WordPress directly onto maps. Tagging your pages, posts, photos, having popups and more. The demos and usage explanations will definitely shed more light onto the unlimited potential of our tool.

  • Intuitive user interface is very pleasant to use, while keeping its high usability and large control over many features
  • Transparent mechanics lets you see the changes practically on the fly. Experiment with the available features and find your best configuration.
  • Highly versatile application of the plugin lets you choose from three different modes to suit your type of content. Basic mode is the simplest feature, to gallery mode that works better with images, to advanced mode for the most complex projects.
  • Automation makes your work with the plugin faster, automatically scanning photos for GPS data.

Key Features

  • three different modes with completely different mechanics
  • suitable practically for any needs when it comes to creative geotagging
  • easy to edit
  • intuitive interface
  • support for Google Maps styles
  • customizable pins
  • grouping places possibility if they are close to each other
  • automated image scanner
  • merging your WordPress content with map data
  • Visual Composer support
  • .pot file for translators
  • control over Google Maps API
  • TinyMCE support
  • mobile friendly

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