Final Tiles Grid Gallery

Final Tiles Grid Gallery is a WordPress gallery with a new concept: it places the images with a more interesting flow than usual galleries. Forget those boring galleries made of rows or columns. You can build now a completely new and custom layout. Enjoy a lot of cool and useful features.


Key Features

  • Hover effects
  • Tuning on hover effects
  • Icons in captions
  • Fixed captions
  • Loading progress bar
  • No crop: unlike many other tiled galleries, it doesn’t crop images, unless you decide to use the snapping to a grid, in that case a small part of the image could be cut;
  • Responsive: the gallery is responsive by default, when it’s container changes width each tile will move with an animation;
  • Add multiple images: select and add many images from the WordPress media panel
  • Gallery width: set the gallery width
  • Custom CSS: you can easily add custom CSS
  • Custom scripts: you can add scripts to run after gallery initialization
  • Portfolio: perfect tool for portfolios and photo galleries;
  • Change image size: select the size of the images after you added to the gallery
  • Social sharing: each image can be shared using Twitter. Google+, Facebook and Pinterest;
  • Multiple galleries: you can add any galleries in a post as many as you like;
  • Custom captions: tune the captions setting opacity, animations, color and duration;
  • Advanced admin UI: enhanced administration panel;
  • 5 Lightboxes available: choose your favourite lightbox between Magnific, Colorbox, Fancybox, PrettyPhoto, Swipebox;
  • Widget: Now you can insert the galleries inside Text Widgets
  • Image Size Factor: resize all images easily with just one control
  • Default image size: used when adding images to a gallery
  • Gallery management: each gallery is saved in WordPress database so you can edit them whenever you want: you can add, rename, delete and edit the galleries;
  • Custom links: each image can be linked to a custom URL;
  • Zoom: each image can be shown in a bigger format;
  • Filters: Define your own filters for each gallery
  • Bulk actions: delete or assign filters with multi-selection
  • Blank links: now links can have the _blank target
  • Style borders: refine border colors, size and radius
  • Shadow: refine shadow size and color
  • Disallow image enlargement: now you can disable automatic image enargment when it occures.
  • Shuffle: Enable or disable image shuffle;
  •  Styling: you have control on margins and snapping grid;
  • CSS3 animations / JS fallback: the script detects if the browser can support CSS native animations and, if so, it uses them to take advantage of hardware acceleration, othrwise it uses javascript animations;
  • Mobile friendly: the script works great on all devices, even mobile, that can run a common browser;
  • Guaranteed support: we alway do our best to help and give support when needed.

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