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Ever wondered how to upload a zip file of static HTML pages (landing page or any other marketing page) with WordPress? DropHTML comes for help.

DropHTML is a revolutionary plugin to host your static HTML, JS and CSS files. You can simply zip the folder of your static files and drop it on your WordPress admin panel via DropHTML plugin.

View a quick demo here –

Once uploaded you can edit the slug, modify contents of the files, delete and even upload more items to your landing page. Its a very strong marketing tool for advertisers and alike. Its completely free and we will be soon launching an elementor like page designer for the upload contents of your zip file for easy designing and editing.

Key Features

  • One-click landing page uploader
  • Easy upload of landing pages (with HTML, CSS, and JS)
  • Host multiple landing pages on a single website
  • Edit the contents of your zip easily