CSS Hero

CSS Hero is a WYSIWYG Editor Plugin for WordPress that allows you to customize every elements of your Website.

It’s fully compatible with all WP Themes or Plugins, via the simple Quick Configuration Tool.
Also, it offer a turnkey solution on a number of natively Hero-Ready WordPress Themes and Plugins like WooCommerce, Divi 2.0, Genesis Framework, UltimatumTheme, Gravity Forms etc…

Customizing the Header of DIVI WordPress Theme:

Working on WooCommerce Plugin. Customize Font size, color, Text Align and other CSS properties:

Key Features

  • Easy Point and Click Interface
  • Text, Colors, Sizes, Margins etc…
  • Google Web Fonts
  • Live Device-Mode Edits (Responsive Web Development)
  • WooCommerce HeroReady.
  • DIVI 2.0, Genesis Framework HeroReady.
  • Edits History
  • Easy Configuration for Theme Developer
  • No Lock-In

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