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AtomChat is a chat plugin for WordPress that allows you to add chat to your WordPress site quickly and efficiently. Communicate and connect users on your WordPress site in minutes.

The plugin comes in two layouts for your WordPress website, docked and embedded. We also offer features such as text chat, voice and video calling, multilingual chat interface, and much more, all packed in one plugin. AtomChat comes with a powerful admin panel that allows you to customize your chat widget with your choice of style and colors. It also allows you to control and define user behavior.

We developed this plugin with one goal in mind, to offer quick and easy chat solutions to anyone with a social / community website and help enhance their user engagement and build better connections.

Some Features that AtomChat offers:

  1. Group and Private Text Chat
  2. Audio Video Calling and Conferencing
  3. Screen – Sharing
  4. Collaboration on Whiteboard
  5. File – Sharing
  6. Monetize With Tiered Access & Ads
  7. Customize with a Powerful Admin Panel
  8. Automatically Import  Users
  9. Multilingual Integration
  10. and many more!