Awesome Support Review

Awesome Support Review – A Full Featured Helpdesk Plugin

Want to give your customers awesome support? The plugin I’m reviewing today purports to do just that. The aptly named Awesome Support plugin sets you up with a comprehensive helpdesk right inside WordPress. And best of all, it even has a free version that can help you do this.

seobreeze review

Review SEOBreeze: A WordPress SEO Plugin Destined to Get You Better Search Results

Search engine optimization (SEO) is more important than ever these days thanks in large part to the increasing competition in the online world. In order to stand out amongst those in your industry vying for the same following you are after, you must do everything you can to make your website the best. This includes having exceptional web design, security, loading speeds and performance, and of course SEO optimization.

GiveWP Review Donation Plugin

GiveWP Review: A Free Donation Plugin With Good in Mind

Churches from all over the world are known for collecting money for the needy. Non-profits focus on more niche categories like animal rights and targeting large corporations to keep bad ingredients out of our food. As long as you’re not running a cult I’d argue that collecting money for any cause is noble.

Slider Revolution Review

Slider Revolution: An In-Depth Review on the World’s Most Popular Slider

As of this article, Slider Revolution has over 174,000 sales on CodeCanyon. Pair that with 6,400 ratings for a 4.8 average star rating and you’ve got yourself the most successful WordPress slider ever. This popularity, and the fact that the Theme Punch folks partner with various WordPress theme companies (giving away Slider Revolution for free) makes it interesting when completing a review.

smart footer system review

Smart Footer System Review – Unique Footers for Different Content

The plugin I’m going to review in this post lets you customize pretty much every aspect of your WordPress site’s footer. It’s called Smart Footer System and it lets you choose a different footer for each post type on your site. Or, if you want even more control, you can even choose a custom footer for individual posts or pages.

Algolia Review

Algolgia Search for WordPress Review: Do You Need to Swap Out Your Search Bar?

As a blogger I had never thought too much about my search bar, all lonely towards the middle of my sidebar. If customers need to find an article the default search bar should do just fine. That’s until I moved into the eCommerce market, realizing that search could be the difference between making a successful business and a flop. This goes for many industries, from social media sites to movie databases.

Track WordPress Changes & User Activity – Free Plugins to Download

In this post, I’ll show you how to go full NSA on your WordPress site. That’s right, you’ll be able to track exactly what every user on your site is doing at all times. And don’t get me wrong, we’re talking about a lot more than anonymous metadata here!

books wordpress

Best WordPress Plugins and Themes for Selling eBooks and Physical Books

Yup, even Stephen King needs to thing about how he’s going to sell more of his books. Although now he could probably call his publisher and have them do most of the work, somewhere along the line he had to think about a mailing list, a website and the tools needed for processing payments for all his sales.

Quiz Cat Review

Introducing Quiz Cat: The Viral Quiz Making WordPress Plugin

Attracting a large audience is something all website owners try to do on a regular basis, regardless of what their overall goals are. And while advertising, inbound marketing, social media networking, and SEO optimization are all great ways to drive traffic to your site, they are not really all that interesting. But do know what is interesting? Quizzes!

Lifter LMS Review: A Course Builder That's Meant For Making Money

Lifter LMS Review: A Course Builder That’s Meant For Making Money

Posting a video course on YouTube might get you some followers, but it’s no way to run a learning business. Whether you’re sharing WordPress tutorials and courses like we do here on WPLift, or your training people to become better fiction writers, a full learning management system (LMS) is needed.

The Best Free WordPress Plugins for Exercise, Fitness and Gym Websites

The Best Free WordPress Plugins for Exercise, Fitness and Gym Websites

Trying to make your WordPress site a bit…healthier? For this list, I’m going to dig into the best plugins for exercise, fitness and gym websites. Whether you’re trying to add some basic nutrition or exercise calculators to your own site or you’re trying to create a fully-functional gym website that can take bookings and manage exercise class schedules, these plugins can help you out.

Beginner's Guide: How to Set Up W3 Total Cache for WordPress

Beginner’s Guide: How to Set Up W3 Total Cache for WordPress

If you’ve ever searched for a WordPress caching plugin at, you know that W3 Total Cache is one of the most popular caching plugins out there. It has some pretty impressive download numbers. Some people love it. Others hate it. But no one can deny that it’s popular.

wp event manager

WP Event Manager Review – Add Detailed Event Listings to WordPress

Need to add event listings to your WordPress site? The plugin I’m going to look at in this review helps you add powerful event listing functionality to WordPress. You’ll get features like front-end event creation forms, sortable event listings, and lots more.

catchers helpdesk review

Catchers Helpdesk Review – A Smart Help Desk Right In Your Dashboard

In a perfect world, no one would ever have problems with your product. In the real world, even the most well-designed product is going to have confused users. So if your users are confused and need help, how can you get that help to them? A help desk. Help desk software lets you accept client queries, organize them, and respond in a streamlined manner.

posts table pro review

Posts Table Pro Review – Flexible Table Plugin for WordPress

Looking for an easy solution to create tables for your WordPress site? If so, you’ll definitely want to read this review. In this post, I’m going to go in-depth and hands-on with Posts Table Pro from Barn2 Media. Whether you need to create product tables, staff directories, a knowledge base, or anything else table-based, Posts Table Pro can help you out.

WP Crowdfunding Review

WP Crowdfunding Review – Create a Crowdfunding Website With WordPress

From foot insoles that claim to make you lose weight to the (now extinct) Pebble smartwatch, crowdfunding has been a smashing success. At least when it comes to raising money. Kickstarter and Indiegogo’s top projects have raised tens of millions of dollars, proving that the market is absolutely there for crowdfunding.


How to Add an Online Survey to WordPress – Tutorial + Plugins

You’re here because you want to learn more about your readers. Who they are, what they think. And whether you’re trying to get feedback on your website or just looking to gather demographic information on your readership, one of the best ways to do that is with a survey.

ab testing

The Best A/B Testing Plugins for WordPress to Split Test Your Site

Have you ever struggled to choose between two different titles for a post? Wouldn’t it be great if, instead of having to choose between them, you could use them both and find out which grabbed more readers’ attention? Well, if you had read this post before that happened to you, you would’ve known that A/B testing (AKA split testing) could’ve solved your problem. A/B testing lets you compare two things, say post titles, to find out which option performs better.


WPForms Review – Drag and Drop WordPress Form Builder

There are a lot of WordPress form plugins out there. But there aren’t a lot of user-friendly, feature rich form plugins out there. WPForms breaks that trend by offering a beautiful drag and drop form builder packed with features. Simple enough for beginners, powerful enough for advanced users.

ultimate tweaker review

Ultimate Tweaker Review – 200+ WordPress Tweaks, No Code Needed

Have you ever wanted to make a minor tweak to your WordPress site but couldn’t figure out how to do it? Sometimes what you want to do is too simple for a dedicated plugin, but unless you’ve got some coding chops, it can be hard to make the change all by yourself.


Making Sites Accessible With WordPress Plugins

When most people build a WordPress site, one of the oft-overlooked elements is accessibility. They work hard on writing quality content, installing the best plugins and using a beautiful theme. But most don’t even know about the accessibility aspect. If you are serious about your users, designing your website for accessibility is one of the best things you can do.

registration magic

Registration Magic Review – Powerful WordPress Form Plugin

Let’s be honest, the default WordPress registration form kind of…sucks. It’s functional enough, but you’re limited in what information you can collect, where the form is located, and how it looks. Of course, that probably doesn’t matter if your site doesn’t allow public registration…


WP Robot Review – Autoblogging Made Easy

Autoblogging often gets a bad rap because it can be abusive. And that’s true – I certainly won’t deny it. BUT, there’s nothing inherently abusive about autoblogging. As long as everything is above board, autoblogging can be a valuable tool for your site. Today, I’ll be looking at WP Robot Version 5, the latest incarnation of the popular WP Robot autoblogging plugin. This version brings a whole new interface and a slew of new features.

CloudPress Review – Easy Theme Builder + Massive Black Friday Sale

Unlike regular page builders, CloudPress is a full-scale theme builder that lets you create your own WordPress theme using a simple drag and drop builder. Why is this distinction important? Because CloudPress will let you edit every single aspect of your site. There no restrictions on headers, page widths, or footers. And all of this is accomplished using a drag and drop editor.


Maintaining a Legally Compliant Website Using WPLegalPages

Most WordPress website owners do not understand the required legal intricacies that come with owning and operating a website. For example, did you know that you cannot display Google Ads on your website without providing site visitors a specific set of legal pages? And yet, so many website owners do so without ever knowing they are breaking the law.

3 Alternatives to WordPress Default Search Functionality

Six Alternatives to WordPress Default Search Functionality

WordPress default search functionality is not the most efficient one. The search technology, in general, has made huge breakthroughs since nascent stages of the CMS. The current functionality may be satisfactory for 2003, but this is 2016.

wordpress product demo

The Importance of WordPress Product Demos

Have you ever wondered: “How can I get more people to purchase my products?” If the answer is a resounding “Yes!” then congratulations, you are on your way to becoming an excellent merchant. Whether you own a brick-and-mortar shop in town or an eCommerce shop online, it is crucial you continuously evaluate your marketing efforts in order to build a bigger customer base, increase sales, and make more money.

WP GeoIP Country Redirect

WP GeoIP Country Redirect Review – Easy Geographic Redirection

True to its name, WP GeoIP Country Redirect is a handy little plugin that lets you redirect visitors to all or parts of your website based on their country (identified via IP address). You can choose to create a site-wide redirect or redirect by individual posts, pages, or categories. You can also add wildcard redirects to cover all possible scenarios.


SumoMe Plugin: Everything You Need to Know

Don’t call me a hypocrite…I know in my previous post about notification bar plugins I said some mean things about popups. I said them because I, personally, am not a big fan of popups. But one thing I can’t deny is that they work. If you’re trying to build an email list, I doubt you can find a strategy that converts any better.

armember review

ARMember Review – A Powerful New Option for WordPress Membership Sites

ARMember is a new, impressive entrant to the competitive world of WordPress membership plugins. The plugin comes from CodeCanyon seller Repute Infosystems, who are behind other successful offerings like ARForms (3,428 sales and a 4.62 rating), ARPrice (1,301 sales and a 4.45 rating), and others.