WordPress Personal Blogging Themes Which Use Post Formats

When WordPress 3.1 was released it included a new featured called “Post Formats” which allowed the blogger to designate a post as a different type of content – the formats available are: aside , gallery , link, image, quote, status, video, audio and chat. Theme authors can use these to style the look of the posts differently depending on which post format is used. They are especially usefull to personal bloggers who post a variety of content – using one theme to display quotes, images, videos etc alongside regulary text posts is a nice touch. In today’s post thats exactly the sort of themes I will be looking at.

Divi WordPress Theme

Standard Theme

Standard Theme is a really attractive and clean personal blogging theme by the guys at 8BIT, I have been a fan of the minimal design since I first saw it – its perfect for bloggers who want to let their content do the talking and it also makes use of Twitter’s Bootstrap.


Notes is another awesome theme in the Post Format category. It allows you to use WordPress to post various post formats such as image, video, gallery, audio, quote, etc. like Tumblr blog. The theme design is inspired by the iPhone Notes app.


Grido is a new Tumblr-like theme. It is colorful, trendy, and stylish. The theme comes with 9 gradient backgrounds for you to style the post individually. You can choose a color scheme to reflect the mood of the post or select a different color for each post to make your blog look like a wall of sticky notes. The posts are automatically stacked on top of each other. View the demo and resize the browser window to see how the posts re-stacked in animation.

  • Full Details | Price : $39 ( Buy 1 get 1 Free )


Minblr is a minimal Tumblr-like theme for WordPress. The layout design is liquid and responsive. This means the layout flows nicely across any display resolution. Minblr is promised to delivery your content nicely in all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.) and most modern mobile devices. It has 3 layout options (default with sidebar, 2-column layout, and fullwidth with no sidebar). On top of all great features, there are 10 colorful skins. Minblr utilizes the brand new post formats


Make your WordPress installation look and feel like a Tumblr blog. 9 different post formats including 15 different color presets that help customize the look of each post. Along with 3 different column layouts for your pages.


This is a clean, modern, powerful WordPress tumblog-style theme designed for a wide variety of uses from bloggers to design portfolios. The responsive web design adapts from large to mobile screens, just resize the browser window to test it out,


With Dulce, it’s all about versatility. The theme supports seven post formats, offers four color variations, boasts three options for gallery posts, provides an easy to use theme options, features a custom designed audio player and more. If you’re interested in offering your readers a smart-looking, user-friendly, stylish, intuitive and creative driven blog, look no further.

  • Full Details | Price : $35


Sentence is a responsive Blog and Portfolio Theme (try resizing your browser), suited for users who want to run a professional or personal blog and in addition to that want to showcase their work on a neat portfolio site.

  • Full Details | Price : $35

Co Pilot

CoPilot is a WordPress theme which takes advantage of WordPress post formats. Quickly and easily publish your images, videos, galleries, quotes, links and more. You can also just use the theme as a regular WordPress theme

  • Full Details | Price : $40


Memo is a super-awesome tumblog style WordPress theme with a clean, minimal design. If you’re looking to get started with microblogging then Memo will be right up your street. Support for post formats means you can jazz up your blog with your own self-hosted video, audio, images, galleries, asides, links, quotes and of course good old standard posts.


Create a Tumblr style blog with full control over your content with Typo. Share your images, videos, audio files and more all within your own WordPress install! Check out the demo to see Typo in action.

  • Full Details | Price : $40


Kundera is a golden grid based, creative minimalist WordPress tumblog, perfect for artists, blogging gurus, graphic designers, creative business and professional portfolios. It implements 6 post formats for images, video, audio, quotes, just ordinary standard posting, and finally a image gallery that is built-in and easy to use.

  • Full Details | Price : $35


Supports various Post Types – Tumblog functionality allows you to publish images, videos, audio, text, links and quotes just as you do on Tumblr.

  • Full Details | Price : $35


Gridler is a grid-based portfolio theme with a tumblr style blog supporting a range of post formats.

  • Full Details | Price : $30


First of all these cool features is Social media pages (Twitter, Dribbble, Flickr, LinkedIn, SoundCloud, Lastfm, Tumblr). These pages draw data from your social media accounts to your website. So you will have the chance to showcase all your social activities directly from your website! Cool isnt’t it? Secondly, you will have a Tumblr-style WordPress blog with cool icons per each post style (music, article, photo, photo gallery, quote, link, video).

  • Full Details | Price : $30


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