5 Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins: Free And Premium Options

Published on June 7th, 2018

Last Updated on February 8th, 2021


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Looking for the best live chat plugins for WordPress? In this post, I’ve rounded up five of your best options, including both free and premium live chat tools.

Whether you just want a basic live chat box, or you need something more advanced with support for multiple agents, automation, canned responses, user tracking, and more…you’ll find something on this list.

You probably just want to get straight to the live chat plugins, so let’s dive right in!

1. WP Live Chat Support

wp live chat plugin

If you’re talking about live chat plugins specifically built for WordPress, WP Live Chat Support is definitely the most popular option.

Here’s the major benefit of going with a WordPress-specific solution:

No monthly fee, even for the premium version.

Pretty much every other service is going to charge you a monthly fee to use its premium plans. But because WP Live Chat Support is a true WordPress plugin, you’ll only pay a one-time fee for the premium version…which you might not even need, because WP Live Chat Support also offers a free version.

In the free version, you can customize your live chat box to make it fit your site. You have a good control over when it shows up, as well. You can:

  • Hide it on specific devices
  • Hide it for anonymous users (so only registered users see it)
  • Make it automatically pop up
  • Create a custom message for when you’re offline

The free version lets you have unlimited simultaneous chats but only for a single agent. If you need multiple agents, you’ll want the Pro version.

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And the Pro version also adds other helpful features like:

  • The option to initiate chats with visitors
  • Canned responses
  • Reporting
  • Desktop notifications when you receive an incoming chat

The WP Live Chat Support team also just created a mobile and desktop app (Windows only), which gives you even more flexibility for responding to your visitors. The app is a separate $29.95 purchase.

Price: Free, or Pro starts at $39.95 for use on a single site

Get WP Live Chat Support

2. LiveChat

I’ve previously written a full review of LiveChat – so if you ever want more detail than this little summary can offer – just head there.

LiveChat is a SaaS that easily integrates with WordPress thanks to its dedicated plugin.

Let’s start with what LiveChat isn’t:

It’s not the cheapest way to add live chat WordPress. If you need something cheap, I’ve got other options for you in this roundup.

But here’s what LiveChat is:

It’s beautifully designed on both the front end and back end, gives you tons of control over how your live chat functions, and includes a bunch of ways for you to actually respond to your customers.

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Syncing it up with WordPress only takes a couple seconds. And then you’ll be able to customize exactly how your chat box looks using LiveChat’s interface:

best live chat plugins

LiveChat lets you respond to chats via its cloud interface, a desktop app, or a mobile app.

And you get lots of productivity features like:

  • Canned responses
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Detailed analytics
  • Plenty more

Price: LiveChat starts at $16 per month per logged in agent (billed annually)

Get LiveChat

We also have a LiveChat coupon.

3. Paldesk

paldesk live chat

Paldesk is a powerful live chat and help desk software that helps businesses chat proactively with their visitors and customers. It’s great for entrepreneurs and startups that are managing their first live chat channel and scales easily to businesses offering multiple chat operators in distinct teams or divisions.

As an interactive communication tool, it allows you to meet customer’s demands and solve their queries in real-time from a single dashboard. Paldesk can help capture the leads automatically, generate responses timely and create tickets as per categories easily.

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Built on top of a robust customer helpdesk and ticketing software, it integrates with the most popular customer communication channels: Android & iOS Apps, Facebook, Email, Twitter, WordPress, Drupal, Slack, Viber, and others.

Paldesk is packed with a variety of customizable features including:

  • Multiwidget Support – Add multiple widgets and install them on several websites.
  • Working Hours – Set your business hours and a predefined offline message.
  • Smart Chat Routing – Assign chats to the ideal agent.
  • Ticketing – Create, manage, respond and resolve tickets.
  • Predefined Answers – Respond to FAQ questions faster and get more done.
  • Widget Customization – Customize your look and color of your website widget.
  • Notifications – Get notified via email when a new conversation arrives.

It’s compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge.

In order to access its features, you only need to create an account on the Paldesk.

— It’s free, easy to install and takes less than 4 minutes to get it running on WordPress.

There is a Basic plan with a bunch of cool features and an impressive amount of integrations, and a Pro plan that complements it with a variety of advanced features and custom solutions.

Price: Free. Pro starts at $12/$16 per agent per month.

Get PalDesk

4. Tidio


Tidio has two big things going for it:

  • It’s 100% free for up to 3 users (that’s already a pretty big draw)
  • It has a great modern design that looks awesome (at least in my opinion)

It’s technically a standalone service, but it has a very popular plugin that makes the integration super painless. You don’t even need to create a Tidio account yourself – you literally just click a button in your WordPress dashboard after installing the plugin.

Then you’ll be able to customize your live chat box and start talking with your visitors via the aforementioned great-looking chat widget.

To respond to visitors, you can either use the Tidio cloud interface or take advantage of the dedicated app for both mobile and desktop devices.

If you want more features, Tidio has optional premium add-ons that can help you do things like:

  • See what visitors are typing before they send their message (this helps you respond faster)
  • Automatically send messages to visitors based on their activity

In my personal opinion, this one is the best free live chat plugin for WordPress.

Price: Free. Add-ons start at $15 per month each

Get Tidio

5. Tawk.to


Tawk.to is another free live chat tool/plugin that you can use on WordPress.

Yes – it really is 100% free.

Rather than monetizing the live chat tool itself, Tawk.to has an optional service where you can hire actual agents to respond to chats for you.

So – interesting monetization model. And end result? You get a nice free live chat plugin.

I don’t think the live chat widget itself looks as good as something like Tidio – but it’s pretty standard-looking, so it’s not like it looks bad.

Despite being free, Tawk.to still has all the features that you’d expect from a live chat plugin, including automated triggers, canned responses, and lots more.

It has desktop and mobile apps, and the developers are even working on implementing a screen sharing solution and in-chat payments!

Price: 100% free with unlimited agents, though you can pay to remove the Tawk.to branding if you want

Get Tawk.to

6. Olark


Olark is a premium SaaS live chat tool more in line with something like LiveChat. It’s packed with features, including:

  • Easy style customization
  • Automated messages based on a user’s behavior
  • Real-time reporting
  • Searchable transcripts
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Chat ratings
  • Pre-chat survey

And it also has lots of integrations to help you connect to other tools.

It also has this cool PowerUps functionality that lets you pay for specific features on a modular basis.

For example, you can get PowerUps for:

  • Screen sharing
  • Live chat translation (automatic language detection and translation in real-time)
  • Lead scoring

That live chat translation feature is interesting, because one of the reasons we chose Olark at my old company (here in Vietnam) was how easy it made localization.

So if your native language is something other than English, I think that’s an especially great reason to consider Olark.

There is a basic free plan, but it has limited features and only lets you participate in 20 chats per month. So at that point, you’d be better off using one of the other free live chat plugins.

But if you’re willing to pay – Olark’s functionality goes pretty deep!

Price: Paid plans start at $15 per month per live agent (billed annually)

Get Olark

BONUS: Facebook Messenger

This one’s a bit of a throw-in because it’s not a standalone live chat plugin. But if all you need is an informal way to chat with your users, it’s really easy, and 100% free, to add a Facebook messenger chat to your WordPress site.

You will need a Facebook page to pull this method off – but the big advantage is that it lets you still connect with visitors even after they leave your site.

Which WordPress Live Chat Plugin Should You Choose?

If you need a free live chat plugin, my personal recommendations would be to choose between Tidio or Tawk.to. WP Live Chat Support is also solid, but it doesn’t fully match the features of those two tools in its free version.

For paid tools, WP Live Chat Support is going to be the cheapest because it’s one-off billing. But LiveChat and Olark are going to offer the deepest functionality and most polished interfaces – you’re just going to pay for those privileges.

Now over to you – do you use live chat on your WordPress site? What tool did you end up using? Let us know in the comments!

Colin Newcomer is a freelance writer and long-time Internet marketer. He specializes in digital marketing, WordPress and B2B writing. He lives a life of danger, riding a scooter through the chaos of Hanoi. You can also follow his travel blog.