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How To: Add a Like Button to WordPress for Free with LikeBtn Plugin

Last Updated on November 7th, 2018

Published on August 12th, 2014

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Adding a “Like” button to your WordPress site is a simple and easy way to gain feedback on posts, images and other types of content that you add. It’s quick and anonymous and allows a visitor to show their appreciation for a piece of content and provides the site owner with feedback on what type of content is popular. Pioneered by Facebook, this type of interaction is now well established so site visitors will be familiar with it. If you would like to add a like button to your WordPress site, then one option is the free plugin LikeBtn, available in the repository.

In today’s post I’m going to take a look at how to install and configure it to use on your site.

Download the plugin Here »


After downloading the plugin and activating it on your site you will have access to the basic features which come with the free version of this plugin. Included is also a 5 day free trial of the pro features, to activate these you should head over to the site and register an account.


You will then need to add your domain on the LikeBtn website, but before you do you must place your first button. To do this visit the “LikeBtn” menu and then the “Buttons” tab where you will see all your available post types. Choose one, for example “posts” and tick the “add button” box and you will see a whole host of options available for your button.


Here you can choose options like :

  • Choose to exclude categories
  • Show to logged in / out users
  • Choose a style
  • Insert HTML before or After
  • Counter
  • Sharing Options
  • Enable tool tips
  • Enter custom labels

As you can see this is a highly configurable plugin, one of the main decisions to make is which style like button to show. You can get a preview of these on the site :


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I love the amount of graphic styles that are provided, there should be something to match every theme here.

Once you have saved the button code, you can then head back to the LikeBtn site and enter your site URL to begin your 5 day trial of the pro features.


Once you have added your site domain, you are given a blank html page to save and upload to your site to confirm the verification process and receive your API key.

If you visit a post on the front-end of the site you will see your chosen button code is now visible :



As mentioned, this plugin is highly configurable – here is a full run down of the available features:

  • Allows visitors to like and dislike pages, posts, custom post types and comments anonymously.
  • Visitors do not have to register or log in to use the Like Button.
  • After liking visitors can share a link in social networks: Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Adds “Likes”, “Dislikes” and “Likes minus dislikes” Custom Fields to posts and comments (PRO, VIP, ULTRA).
  • Statistics on vote results (PRO, VIP, ULTRA).
  • Shortcode to place the Like Button inside the post/page content: [likebtn]
  • Shortcode to place a list of the most liked content inside the post/page using a shortcode (PRO, VIP, ULTRA): [likebtn_most_liked]
  • Widget displaying most liked content (PRO, VIP, ULTRA).
  • Customizable position and alignment.
  • Can be displayed depending on the post view mode, format, category, ID.
  • Appearance is controlled through CSS.
  • Built-in styles.
  • Built-in support for a number of languages.
  • Allows to change all labels texts.
  • Allows to collect donations using donate buttons in the popup.
  • All LikeBtn.com settings are available.


There are quite a lot of price points available with this plugin, for your basic functionality there is the free option and you then have the chance to test everything out with a 5 day trial. You then have “Plus” for $6 per year, “Pro” for $13 a year, “VIP” for $21 per year and “Ultra” for $39 per year. Take a look at the pricing grid to get a feel of what is included with each plan :



This was a relatively easy plugin to get installed – the verification process was a little convoluted, I prefer a simple pasting of an API key for activation.

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I loved the huge amount of customization option and the graphical styles are all very nice so you can get something which matches in with the design of your site pretty easily.

If you prefer to get more involved,  this is an in-depth plugin which will allow you to tailor it to the exact functionality that you need. I did also find the price plans a little overwhelming – We are used to a free plugin with a paid version and maybe 2 extra plans to choose from but with this plugin there are 4 different price points. Having said that, at $39 per year for the top tier it’s not an expensive plugin by any means.

A nice touch is that if you operate a charity website, you can get a free pro account by registering your site and then emailing the plugin author.

If you are looking to add “like” button functionality to your site then I recommend you check it out.

Download the plugin Here »

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