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Supercharge your WordPress site with the Jetpack Plugin

Last Updated on September 15th, 2021


Jetpack is a fairly new plugin from Automattic that brings a number of features together which are available to WordPress.com users and supplies them to self-hosted WordPress users. It currently has 8 components with more to follow :

  • WordPress.com Stats – Simple, concise site stats with no additional load on your server.
  • Twitter Widget – Display the latest updates from a Twitter user inside your theme’s widgets.
  • Gravatar Hovercards – Show a pop-up business card of your users’ Gravatar profiles in comments.
  • WP.me Shortlinks – Enable WP.me-powered shortlinks for all of your Posts and Pages for easier sharing.
  • Sharedaddy – The most super duper sharing tool on the interwebs. Share content with Facebook, Twitter, and many more.
  • LaTeX – Mark up your posts with the LaTeX markup language, perfect for complex mathematical equations and other über-geekery.
  • After the Deadline – After the Deadline helps you write better by adding spell, style, and grammar checking to WordPress.
  • Shortcode Embeds – Easily embed videos and more from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and SlideShare.


To start with you will need a free account at WordPress.com, sign up and remember your username and password.

Now you can download the Jetpack Plugin, then upload it to your wp-content/plugins folder via ftp. You can download a free ftp client called Filezilla for this purpose.

You can also upload the plugin directly, via your wordpress admin panel by clicking Plugins > Add New > Upload > Install Now.

You will also need to enter your ftp settings there as well, your webhost will have provided these when you signed up.

Once the plugin is uploaded, visit your plugins page and click “activate” next to the plugin, then at the top of the page click “Connect to WordPress.com” and you will be taken to the jetpack website to enter your username and password you created before.

Once you have done that, you will be taken back to your admin area where you will see this screen :

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Several of the components have configuration options, if you click the WordPress.com Stats Configure button you will see some options such as who can see traffic reports and whether to record logged in users :

The After the deadline module config has options to allow  proofreading for different grammar and style rules and lets you choose a default language :

Finally the ShareDaddy config page allows you to set up which services you’d like to include in the sharing widget, its nice and easy to setup by dragging the services you want and arrange them how you like :

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