WordPress for Podcasters: Recommended Plugins

While WordPress says it’s “seamlessly” supported, it’s not always the easiest to figure out. Luckily, there have been plugins developed to help fill those seam gaps. As a podcaster myself, I know how beneficial having the integration with iTunes can be, as well as being able to also include statistics and tracking.

Web Hosting

Unfortunately, this is not a well-developed area in terms of WordPress plugins, so there isn’t much out there.


I love podPress and many other audio sites that use WordPress do too. I am always impressed at how well they keep themselves maintained with WordPress’ updates and their own fixes and mods.

  • Full featured and automatic feed generation (RSS2, iTunes and ATOM and BitTorrent RSS)
  • Preview of what your Podcast will look like on iTunes
  • Podcast Download stats
  • Support for Premium Content (Pay Only)
  • View MP3 Files ID3 tags when your Posting
  • Control over where the player will display within your post and what it will look like.
  • Support for various formats, including Video Podcasting
  • Supports unlimited number of media files
  • Automatic Media player for MP3, OGG, MP4, MOV, FLV, SWF, ASF, WMV, AVI, YouTube, and more, with inline and Popup Window support
  • Preview image for videos
  • Support for separate Category podcasts
  • Podango hosting integration

Download podPress »


Developed by Blubrry, this robust podcasting plugin must have allow_url_fopen enabled or the PHP-cURL library installed. They also offer a premium statistic service at $5/month. podPress doesn’t have a location breakdown, just IPs and download totals, so if you need that, definitely look into PowerPress Premium. If you already have podPress  (or Blogger/Moveable Type), PowerPress has a migration service built-in.

  • HTML5 video and audio player
  • Embed Episode feature
  • WebM video support
  • Ogg audio/video support improved
  • MP4+WebM (for mp4/m4v video, a new alternative WebM URL field has been added. This is ideal for supporting all browser based HTML5 video players)
  • Flow Player Classic can now play m4a audio and mp4/m4v video
  • Configure video player width/height on a per-episode basis
  • Upload image option added to supplement the video poster image field. Images are uploaded to the built-in image gallery in WordPress.
  • Integrated Media Players: Audio/video web players with video embed support from sites such as YouTube and Ustream.tv.
  • Media Modifiers: Easily add, modify and remove shows from blog posts and pages.
  • Multi-Media Support: Create separate shows by category (category casting) or by media format.
  • Supported Media Formats: mp3, m4a, ogg, wma, ra, mp4a, m4v, mp4v, mpg, asf, avi, wmv, flv, swf, mov, divx, 3gp, midi, wav, aa, pdf, torrent, m4b, m4r.
  • Media Statistics
  • Languages supported: English, Danish, French

Download PowerPress »

Podcasting Plugin by TSG

Intended to supplement where WordPress fails, This plugin is great when you don’t need too much fluff. It is similar to podPress, but it’s not as automated (or complex).

  • Adds a dedicated Podcasting feed with full iTunes support
  • Includes the ability to have multiple podcasting feeds based on file format or other factors
  • Includes both an audio and video player for in-post listening/watching
  • Fully integrates with any existing enclosures already stored in WordPress
  • Offers a migration tool for users of podPress

Download Podcasting Plugin by TSG »



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