The Best Free WordPress Plugins for Exercise, Fitness and Gym Websites

Published on March 24th, 2017

Last Updated on January 29th, 2021

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Trying to make your WordPress site a bit…healthier? For this list, I’m going to dig into the best plugins for exercise, fitness and gym websites.

Whether you’re trying to add some basic nutrition or exercise calculators to your own site or you’re trying to create a fully-functional gym website that can take bookings and manage exercise class schedules, these plugins can help you out.

Also, due to the massive popularity of Crossfit, I tried to include at least a few Crossfit WordPress plugins to cater to that niche.

And best of all, you can combine these plugins with one of our recommended WordPress fitness themes to get even more bang for your buck.

One final note – this is an update of a much older post. I removed out-of-date plugins and added some newly released plugins, so everything should be compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

Enough chatter, let’s get into the plugins!

Best WordPress Fitness Plugins

While I won’t put too much thought into the order of this list, I’m going to start with the “bigger” plugins. That is, those that add tons of new functionality to your site. Near the end of the list, I’ll include some plugins that just add something small like a weight loss tracker or calculator.

WPGYM – WordPress Gym Management System

wordpress gym plugin

WPGYM is a complete gym management system for WordPress. It’s built to help you with memberships, member management, workout schedules, trainer management, and more! It’s pretty powerful.

First off, you can create your own gym membership plans and accept payment for them via PayPal. So all of your gym members will be able to pay online.

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Then, you can get stats on members and even give them a log to track their own nutrition, body measurements, and workout schedules.

Because your gym will probably have trainers, WPGYM lets you add trainers as WordPress users. Trainers can similarly message members, add workout plans, and lots more.

You can also manage your fitness class schedules and track attendance for individual classes, so that you know which of your classes are performing the best.

There’s even an accountant module! WPGYM is absolutely packed with features. So if you need a full-service solution or are developing a gym website for a client, this is the plugin for you.

Price: $38


CF Whiteboard – Full Crossfit Workout Tracker Plugin

wordpress fitness plugin

If you’re Crossfit all of the way, you’re going to love CF Whiteboard. It’s an external tracking service that includes a dedicated WordPress plugin.

It adds social workout tracking to your Crossfit site. Athletes can quickly track their own workouts and results on your website and then compare PRs and Benchmarks on a historical basis.

That means your athletes will always know how they’re progressing, no matter where they are.

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It also comes preloaded with workouts and movements, so that you don’t need to build exercises from scratch for common Crossfit benchmarks.

With the plugin/service, you can track unlimited athletes and search all of their historical results.

Price: 30-day free trial. Then $50 per month.

Go to CF Whiteboard

Gym Studio Membership Management

Gym Studio Membership Management is free, though transaction fees will apply for handling payments.

Like WPGYM, it helps you set up a membership area where you can manage member information and payments. You can set up automatic recurring payments and track all payments from your members.

It also lets you add a class a schedule and newsletter to your site.

And here’s the really cool feature:

It generates a QR code for each member that signs up. You can then scan this QR code via an iPhone or Android app to easily check members in. Very cool!

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One caveat – the default design is ugly. So if you use this plugin, you’ll probably need some custom CSS to “pretty it up”.

Price: Free for plugin but charges transaction fee for commercial sites.

Go to Gym Studio Membership Management

Gym Membership Activities WooCommerce Usage

This isn’t a single plugin, but rather an interesting use case for WooCommerce. With the right set of WooCommerce add-ons, you can actually use it to manage your gym memberships.

To do it right, you’ll need:

So it’s not the cheapest solution on this list. But if you want to go with something that will be around for a long time, using WooCommerce ensures that the plugin you use will likely never lose developer support.

Price: Starts from $249 for WooCommerce Bookings extension

Go to WooCommerce Gym Membership Use

Build A Meal – WordPress Nutrition Calculator Plugin

wordpress nutrition plugin

Build a Meal is a nifty plugin for adding nutrition functionality to WordPress. It lets anyone build a meal and quickly calculate calories and nutrients.

You can add unlimited ingredients and sort them into unlimited categories.

Users can then build their meal. And once their meal is finished, the plugin includes functionality to push users to share their specific meal, which is great for generating traffic.

You can also use the plugin to track and share your own nutrition information, which is great for fitness diary blogs or personal trainer websites.

And as an added bonus – I think the design is great.

Price: $18 at Code Canyon

Go to Build a Meal

Timetable Responsive Schedule For WordPress

Timetable Responsive Schedule isn’t specific to gyms, but it is perfect for creating a schedule for your classes.

You can set up a responsive schedule in minutes. For recurring events, you can configure them to automatically block out time every week. And you can also add color-coding to quickly differentiate between different types of events.

If you’re already using a gym theme and just want a great solution for displaying your class schedules, this is the perfect option.

Price: $22 at Code Canyon

Go to Timetable Responsive Schedule For WordPress

Weight Loss Tracker

Weight Loss Tracker is a freemium plugin that allows registered members of your site to quickly track their height and weight. These changes can be tracked over time, so users can graphically see how their weight has changed.

If you go with the Pro version of the plugin, members will be able to track even more measurements like:

  • Biceps
  • Waist
  • Butt
  • Etc.

You’ll also be able to display community stats and get access to additional shortcodes.

If you run a fitness membership site, this is a great option for letting your members track their own stats. It’s also good for creating community accountability for your members.

Price: Free. Pro Version costs £25.

Go to Weight Loss Calculator

Keto Calculator

The ketogenic diet is increasingly growing in popularity. So if you’re creating a fitness website that involves the ketogenic diet, this is the plugin for you.

It adds a public calculator to your website. Users can enter their information and the plugin will spit back recommended nutrient plans for both losing or gaining weight on the ketogenic diet. It will also give back a maintenance diet.

It’s a simple plugin, but if you run a site focused on the keto or paleo diet, it’s a cool addition.

Price: Free

Go to Keto Calculator

Wrapping Things Up

Whether you’re trying to find a complete solution for your WordPress gym website or just looking to add some cool functionality to an exercise or fitness blog, I hope these plugins help!

As always, if you think I missed a great plugin, I’d love if you shared in the comments so that we can make this list even better!

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