Want The Best WordPress Directory Plugin? 6 Options Compared

Searching for the perfect WordPress directory plugin to organize listings on your website?

Whether you want to create a Yelp clone on WordPress or you’re looking for a more lightweight plugin to create something like a staff or church directory, you should be able to find a good option on the list that I’ve put together.

Keep reading for a look at six of the best free and premium directory plugins that I could find…

6 Best WordPress Directory Plugins

1. Toolset Directory

Directory website screenshot

Toolset Directory makes it easier for you to create all of the advanced features that you will need for your directory website.

With Toolset, even beginners will able to build the following features easily to make their directory website stand out:

  • Custom post types, fields and taxonomies
  • Related listings
  • Category trees
  • Featured listings
  • A powerful search including fields, taxonomies and post relationships
  • Multiple advanced filters for your search
  • The ability to display listings in any way you like – tables, grids, sliders
  • Display and customize maps with filters by distance
  • A drag and drop front-end forms editor to display and edit content
  • Email notifications to update clients about forms
  • A membership front-end dashboard to manage listings and info
  • Payment support for registration and listings
  • Expirations for posts

Toolset Directory works with all major themes and is also integrated with some of the most important plugins including WooCommerce, WPML and Elementor among many others.

Another big advantage is that Toolset Directory is part of the Toolset package of products which allows you to build features for all kinds of websites including e-commerce, membership and real estate websites.

Toolset Directory comes as part of the Toolset Interactive package which will cost you $149 for the first year.

Get Toolset Directory

2. GeoDirectory

geodirectory is a popular wordpress directory plugin

GeoDirectory is a popular WordPress directory plugin that comes in a free core version with lots of premium add-ons. The free version makes a great option for a simple, single-geographic area directory, while some of the premium add-ons are required if you want more features or multiple geographic areas.

It’s built to scale, even up to millions of directory listings. And it also includes:

  • Front-end submission forms for directory locations, including the ability to add your own custom fields
  • Google Maps integrations
  • User reviews
  • Search and filter options

And while it can integrate with most any theme, you can also find both free and premium themes designed to specifically work with GeoDirectory.

If you need more functionality, you can turn to the premium add-ons for more helpful features. The add-ons cost $19-$39 each and can get you:

  • Multiple geographic areas
  • Events
  • Prices and payments to accept payments for sponsored listings, etc.
  • More in-depth user reviews
  • Advanced search filters
  • BuddyPress integration for more in-depth profiles and social functionality
  • “Claim listing” functionality so that business owners can claim existing listings
  • Stripe payments
  • “Marker cluster” for Google Maps to avoid clutter
  • Social importer to import listings from Facebook or Yelp.

Finally, you can also become a member to get access to all add-ons and themes. The membership starts at $99 for 4 months of updates and support, or $199 for a year of updates and support.

Price: Free, or paid add-ons

Get GeoDirectory

3. Business Directory Plugin

business directory

Business Directory Plugin is another popular freemium WordPress directory plugin that can help you create your own Yelp or Yellow Pages.

Overall, you’ll see a lot of similarities between GeoDirectory. But the two split the list of free/paid features differently, which might make one or the other more affordable for your needs.

Like with GeoDirectory, the free version makes a good option for a directory for a single geographic region. You can:

  • Customize form fields on your front-end listing forms
  • Allow front-end image uploads
  • Let people edit listings from the front-end
  • Include quick-search field and filtering options

And you also get pretty detailed payment options, even in the free version. You can:

  • Accept payments via Authorize.net or PayPal
  • Charge for things like more images, stickied listings, etc.
  • Set up recurring payments

And via the premium add-ons, you can get new features like:

  • Reviews and ratings
  • Google Maps integration
  • Location-based directory filtering (good if you have a directory that services multiple geographic areas)
  • More payment gateways
  • Claimable listings

You can also find some premium themes to go with Business Directory Plugin, though the plugin works with any theme.

For individual extensions, Business Directory Plugin is a little bit more expensive, coming in at $69.99 each. You can also get all premium add-ons for one year for $199.99, though that only supports a single site (whereas GeoDirectory is unlimited sites).

Get Business Directory Plugin FreeGet Pro

4. Sabai Directory

sabai directory

Sabai Directory is the most popular WordPress Directory plugin at CodeCanyon. While that means it is a premium plugin, it’s also significantly more affordable than the previous two options, coming in at just $29.

Over the years, its managed to maintain a 4.53-star rating on over 8,000 sales, which is pretty impressive.

I’m mainly including this option because it’s popular and still updated, so it’s worth checking out for that reason.

But…I’m not sure I’d recommend that you purchase this one because the developer recently released a new plugin based on custom post types (that plugin is next). The developer actually recommends new users to choose that plugin, so I’m going to go with that recommendation as well.

So, you can click below to check out the still-working Sabai Directory plugin. Or, you can keep reading to learn more about the developer’s new plugin.

Get Sabai Directory

5. Directories Pro

directories pro

As you learned above, Directories Pro is the newest directory plugin from the same developer as Sabai Directory.

It’s built on custom post types and taxonomies, which makes it more flexible going forward.

With it, you can:

  • Create custom front-end creation forms with over 30 different custom fields to choose from
  • Control how your directory listings display using a drag-and-drop editor interface
  • Accept paid listings via a WooCommerce integration
  • Display listings on a full-screen map
  • Let users claim listings and/or manage listings from the front-end
  • Let users write reviews, including support for multiple review criteria

And on the usability front, users get a neat auto-suggest search feature to help them find the listings that they’re interested in.

Directories Pro costs $39, also at CodeCanyon.

Get Directories Pro

6. Connections Business Directory

connections business directory

With a 4.9-star rating at WordPress.org, Connections Business Directory is another quality option that you can use to create a business directory with WordPress.

It’s not as focused on physical business listings as the others (that is – it’s not a Yelp clone) – instead, it has lots of features to help you list people, including options for birthdays, family members, etc.

It’s also less focused on selling listings and monetizing them – so it’s not a good option for that use. But if you want to create anything from a staff directory on up to a simple set of business listings, it’s a good option.

In the free version, you can:

  • Choose from multiple entry types, including individuals, organizations, and family.
  • Add custom fields to collect extra information
  • Control which entries are public/private.
  • Import listings from a CSV

There are also premium extensions to add functionality like:

  • Let people contact listings without exposing actual contact details
  • Front-end form submissions

Get Connections FreeGet Pro

7. Directory Pro

directory pro

Not to be confused with Directories Pro, Directory Pro is another popular premium option that’s available at CodeCanyon for the affordable price of $35. It has a 4.43-star rating on over 800 sales.

Like most of the other plugins, it helps you create something akin to Yelp or TripAdvisor.

What’s unique about the plugin is all the ways it gives you to monetize your directory. You can charge for:

  • Adding a listing
  • Claiming a listing
  • Viewing a listing
  • Making a reservation
  • A VIP badge
  • Booking an appointment
  • Overall access

And it also includes this neat bidding feature that lets listing owners bid for the sponsored position in search.

Other features include:

  • Google Maps integration
  • Listing tags
  • Direct messages to listing owners
  • Custom fields
  • User ratings
  • Special deals/coupons for specific listings

Get Directory Pro

Which WordPress Directory Plugin Should You Use?

If you’re looking to create a physical directory of businesses, my two personal recommendations would be:

  • GeoDirectory
  • Business Directory Plugin

The CodeCanyon options all have something unique to offer. But I like the popularity and extensibility of those two plugins. I think they’ll give you more flexibility and control down the road, even if they could have a higher upfront cost depending on your needs.

And if you want to create a directory of people – like a staff directory or a church directory – definitely check out Connections Business Directory, as that’s what it’s focused on.

Finally, if you want a completely different approach, you can check out a dedicated WordPress directory theme, instead.

Any other questions or suggestions? Let us know in the comments!

Colin Newcomer

Colin Newcomer

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