WordPress Based Customer Support: Free Help Desk Plugins, Ticket Systems & Live Chat

Published on July 1st, 2013

Last Updated on April 1st, 2021

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Do you run a service based website? Do you sell products or software on your WordPress website? Well if you do, you would realise the importance of a good customer support system.  In the past, support was difficult to provide and not entirely satisfactory for the end-user as it required email, phone calls and other ineffective solutions. This is no longer the case  it is – a combination of ticket support systems, live chat options and FAQ sections help you solve customer issues, both easily and effectively.

Free Plugins

Click Desk Live Support


Click Desk is a help desk support plugin with a live chat facility, that is available with multiple template options. To make things better, it permits visitors to use a “click to call” option and using it, enables the visitor to have a live voice conversation with the website administrator or the support staff. And if you are offline and there is no support staff at hand to help the visitor, there is an offline contact form that allows the visitors to contact you. The importance of social networking can not be stressed enough and Click Desk also provides  the visitor an option to connect with social media networks by making it available in the Instant Messenger or Live Chat. And to top it all off, the plugin offers live telephone assistance in over 40 countries the world over. It also makes it possible to use Google Talk and Skype to make communication easier and more economically viable. The ability to engage audiences across different social media platforms is an important asset and this plugin delivers.

Click Desk Live support»



Zendesk is a plugin that brings more than just a help desk to your WordPress website. It makes it easier for registered users on your blog to submit tickets and participate in community forums. Any comment can be converted into a ticket, if need be. Using the Zendesk drop box a visitor can easily have a live chat with the website admin. The plugin provides the user with a single dashboard to help manage all tickets and support requests. In many websites there is a page exclusively dedicated to support, with Zendesk you can create a custom form which can be added to your website.



Live Agent Free Chat and Help Desk


This free WordPress plugin integrates many functions including live chat, help desk and offline messages into a single plugin. In addition, the plugin maintains a knowledge base and forums to help those who seek support. There is an option that enables social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook. In effect, it acts as a hybrid communication system that works over a number of platforms. There is multilingual support offered for the plugin as well and it includes any language that WordPress supports.

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Live Agent Free Chat and Help Desk»

Live Chat Casengo


A very good plugin to add a live chat facility on your WordPress blog/website. This plugin will permit you to handle queries via emails and live chat for your website. And as with the previously discussed plugins, this one too comes integrated with the social media networks.

Live Chat Casengo»

Help Den Free Live Support Chat


A simple and scalable live chat plugin for any WordPress blog or website. This WordPress plugin provides a simple mechanism which permits live customer support. The ratings on WordPress for this plugin are slightly polarized though.

Help Den Free Live Support Chat»

Wpsc Support Tickets


A support ticket plugin specifically designed for WordPress to cater to the necessities of businesses and to provide services and support for their products. It is available in 14 languages. The guest can generate tickets and the author can reply and delete tickets. The plugin can be altered to make support tickets available only to people who’ve purchased a certain product or paying customers. Customizable departments and email messages are a part of this plugin.

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Wpsc Support Tickets»

Live Help Now Help Desk & Chat Button


This is a reliable, responsive WordPress plugin that offers real time chat options. It allows direct interaction between visitor and the  website administrator or website agent.  By agent, I refer to support staff to help customers out on behalf of the website. There is an offline mode available and any messages sent to you during this period, you can reply to after you are logged back in. There is provision for both a Ticket system and a Callback Request System. All communication via this plugin is highly secure as it is encrypted. It offers support in a number of languages as well.

Live Help Now Help Desk»

WordPress Advanced Ticket System


This plugin has all the necessary ingredients to make a good ticket system for your WordPress website. It permits visitors to submit problems and queries. When a ticket is created the visitor can set the priority, the type and the status of the ticket. The website admin will then have more time to deal with the low priority tickets and sort them about when time permits it. The plugin acts as a help desk system that lends better support to you and your customers. An in-built Customer Relationship Management system helps you interact and maintain a good relationship with your loyal customers.

WordPress Advanced Ticket System»

FAQ & Knowledge Base Plugin


An easy and effective way to avoid a lot of confusion and support queries is by providing a good support page that contains all frequently asked questions and other support queries. In this manner a bulk of your customers can have their doubts cleared up without having to interact with you or any of your support staff.  This plugin provides a WordPress website with an FAQ section. And it couples this feature with a hybrid communications system for your website enabling easier customer-client interaction. With this plugin you can provide cloud based, affordable social support to your customers.
FAQ & Knowledge Base Plugin»

Most of the free plugins come with certain limitations, so we’ll have a look at a few commercial plugins.

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Premium Plugins

WP Awesome Support Responsive Ticket System


A well rounded support system that works with pretty much any theme on WordPress.  The plugin was designed by ThemeAvenue, primarily to help facilitate a better support system for their customers. This plugin can be fitted seamlessly into any type of business website. The plugin can be used to support any number of agents for your help desk and live chat support services. This plugin enables the website admin to set roles for the support staff  with specifically designed parameters and powers. It is unlike normal WordPress CMS , where the website admin is  restricted to a few user roles such as editor, contributor, subscriber and author. Emails can be customized with the templates available in this plugin. There is a necessity to support all browsers and different devices, keeping in line with that necessity,  this plugin is highly responsive. For a commercial website, it is important that the plugin works in tandem with WooCommerce and this plugin obliges that criteria as well.

WP Awesome Support Responsive Support System»

WordPress Email Ticket Support Plugin


A premium WordPress plugin that works very well for anyone who provides customer support via emails. It has a good in built ticket system that allows you to provide good support to all your customers. There is an option that involves the use of a light box that can be placed on your website. Ideally, it can be placed on the Contact Us page. The plugin allows both WordPress and non-WordPress users to generate tickets and the tickets generated are automatically assigned numbers. The user generating the ticket can view the position of the ticket to estimate a response time.


WordPress Email Ticket Support Plugin»

Responsive Ticket System WordPress Plugin

16A multi lingual, responsive ticket management plugin suitable for small businesses and medium traffic websites. The plugin comes along with a number of email templates that the admin can change to suit his/her requirements. The ticket generation is accompanied by prioritization, any ticket that is rated “very high” is immediately forwarded to the admin. Using smart tickets,  they may be classified as open, closed, pending and replied. There is captcha code available as well, this ensures that spam isn’t a problem. The plugin also provides summary statistics for the admin to evaluate. The primary admin can set different roles for other users including the support staff for a particular website. The plugin is responsive which is very important for certain websites and there are short codes available in the latest version.


Responsive Ticket System WordPress Plugin»


While there are a great many support or help desk plugins available for WordPress, the ones mentioned above are some of the best. Among the free plugins “Click Desk Live Support” stands out in the sense, it is a very wholesome plugin with all the necessary features of a help desk plugin rolled into one neat little package. If you need a good live chat option on your WordPress website, then try out “Live Chat Casengo”. For a comprehensive support ticket system, I’d suggest “WordPress Advanced Ticket System”.

If you need to or if you want to pull out all the stops for your customers, you should have a look at “WP Awesome Support Responsive Ticket System”. And that apart there are other two commercial plugins which are nearly as good as the aforementioned plugin. One of them is “Responsive Ticket System” and the other one is  ” WordPress Email Support Ticket Plugin”.

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