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If you run a content website, one of the best ways to quickly generate an income is via the use of display advertising – that is banners which you are paid per month, per click or via affiliate signups etc. To handle this on a WordPress website there are a number of free and paid plugins which you can use to handle this – today we will be looking at the best examples.

Free Plugins



A good plugin for those bloggers who are in favor of managing the advertisements on their websites as opposed to advertisement networks. With this plugin you can sell advertisements on your own time without being bound to any advertisement network. There is very less work for you to do, unlike previous advertisement methods. This plugin allows you to display your ads in one/two column format. The ads may be displayed in any random order or the order that you find that best suits everyone involved.

Once you have created a new ad, the ad will be displayed for a given period of time, so you can set the number of the days that the ad will be active on your website. After the ad expires it is automatically removed from your website. And if you require the very same ad, you can retrieve and rerun the ad from archives. Your website can attract potential sponsors by displaying a message of your choice in the proposed ad slot.

WP125 »



On of the most popularly used ad mangers for WordPress websites with over half a million downloads. With AdRotate on your WordPress roster of plugins, you can monetize your website in next to no time at all. From the dashboard, you can create and edit advert banners that are to appear on your website, certain banners can be placed at strategic positions of your website for maximum click through rate. You can use Geo Location as well with your adverts. There is also a premium version of this plugin available with more features.

AdRotate »

Ad Injection


Ad Injection can be used to insert adverts in any part of a WordPress website. It works well with Google AdSense, Amazon Associates, ClickBank, TradeDoubler, etc. With this plugin you can customize the number of advertisements displayed depending on the length of the post or page. Adverts can be created in any widget position or can be displayed in the sidebar. If you’d rather that people of a particular nation not see the advert, you can choose to do selectively block the advert out as well. The same can be done with specific IP addresses and based on the visitor’s referrer.

The plugin works well with all the popular cache plugins such as WP Super Cache, WP Cache and W3 Total Cache. The positioning of the advert can be made using automatic advert injection, this helps reduce ad blindness.In addition to all these features, you can select which of your adverts are visible to search engines. A lot of tinkering is possible and you can control who sees your ad and who doesn’t with a number of parameters. These parameters include but are not limited to social media networks, search engines and Wikipedia.

Ad Injection »

Easy Ads


Easy Ads acts as a single interface that allows a website owner to manage adverts from AdSense, Chitika, BitVertiser and Clicksor. A tabbed interface allows you to control your different advert providers with ease. There are specialized widgets available for AdSense and Chitika. The plugin can be be activated by entering your IDs provided by the advert providers.There is a pro version for those of you who are interested in utilizing the full host of features available with this plugin.

Easy Ads »

Simple Ads Manager


A simple Ads Manager plugin that permits flexible logic for placing adverts on your website. This plugin will let you display ads with short codes, widgets and as part of theme template as well. You can limit the number of ads displayed based on author, page, post or any custom post type. You can extend this restriction to any number of ads based on the number of hits or clicks that the ad receives.

Simple Ads Manager »

Premium Plugins



A plugin designed for the purpose or displaying and managing advertisements on a WordPress website. Similar to how you preview posts, this plugins presents you the opportunity to preview the adverts before they appear on your website.The plugin includes all nature of advertisements including flash, image and link adverts. It includes a call to action advert style as well. The plugin provides a PayPal facility that allows you to conduct all the necessary transactions regarding the advertisements on your website, including refund option.

AdPress records clicks, page views and click through rate. In addition, AdPress provides an analytics chart that permits you to look at the performance of your advertisements in detail and with ease.

AdPress »

WP PRO Advertising system


This premium advertising system allows you to easily put up advertisements on your WordPress website with many features such as campaigns, banners, track clicks, impressions, Click Through Rate or CTR and adzones. You can use short codes to display adverts, if you would like to,you can use widgetised areas to display the ads.

WP PRO Advertising System »

Banner Manager Pro


Banner Manager Pro permits you to sell and manage advertisement spots on your WordPress website. You can sell adverts right off your website without having a third party advertisement agency taking a share of your earnings. The plugin allows buyers to pay you via PayPal, AlertPay/Payza, InterKassa, Skrill/MoneyBrooker. It combines efficient banner management and provides valuable insights into the performance of your adverts with banner statistics.

Banner Manager Pro »

uAd – Advertising for WordPress


uAd allows you to put up adverts of predefined sizes on your websites. The plugin supports banner click counting and permits prioritization of banners. The plugin can be used to display adverts using widgets and short codes into sidebars and content.

uAd Advertising for WordPress »

Interstitial Ads for WordPress


Interstitial Ads allows you to quickly build and create interstitial adverts on your WordPress website. The plugin allows you to set an ad time delay and also set ad frequency. There is a built in ad rotator that displays full screen advertisements, videos and newsletters. Any type of content can be accommodated in the advertisement.

Interstitial Ads for WordPress »

Smart Pop Up Box


This plugin can be used to create a pop up banner and it may contain any type of content. Although primarily used to produce pop ups, it can also be used to pop up advertisements.

Smart Pop Up Box»

Wp AdCenter


Quite possibly one of the most powerful advertising management tools available today.It enables complete management of all your advertisements through one easy to use interface. The advertisement system encompasses a number of popular banner sizes that can be used at the click of a button. The advert can be placed anywhere using short codes or widgets. If need be they can be inserted into theme files. Wp AdCenter allows you to run unlimited number of campaigns and provides accurate statistics for all advertisements. PayPal is used as a mode of monetary transaction between the two parties involved.

Wp AdCenter»



Another powerful advertisement management system for WordPress run websites. The plugin comes with two custom widgets each with a slightly varying purpose. One widget is used to display single ads while the other is used to display ad groups.You can set a lifetime for your adverts, so that they are removed from the website when they run their course. As with any other good advertisement management system, this one too has a good stats system to keep track of clicks and views.

AdSanity »



This is another platform that is as good as any of its competitors.With a one time purchase of this WordPress plugin you get unparalleled access and control over the adverts that you put up on your website. The plugin is also integrated with facility to manage your affiliate marketing as well.

OIOpublisher »

What we use at wplift ?

We use “BuySellAds”. The working of the advert management system is quite straight forward. You put up your website on BuySellAds and it appears like this BuySellAds. Now any prospective buyer of the advert who uses BuySellAds will see your website listed under a specific category. Then the buyer proceeds to look at the price for adverts and the number of impressions. In addition, they look at how appropriate the website in question is to display their ads. After looking at all these factors, they may purchase an advertisement from your website.

For the pro version of BuySellAds, right this way.

BuySellAds »


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  1. Dear Vishnu, read your whole article word by word and but none of these listed ad rotation plugins are able to rotate ads within the groups and within the slots as we have seen in wp125 wordpress plugin. So i have developed one such plugin which enhance the capabilities of wp125 ads plugin and ad groups and now its user can display these ads as per groups in different widgets. Hope this will help its user rotate ads more efficiently. Thanks for posting this comprehensive list of ads plugins for wordpress. Keep in touch

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