Weekly WordPress News: WordPress 5.6 & WooCommerce Acquires MailPoet

Published on December 11th, 2020

Last Updated on March 13th, 2021

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Hey, WordPress friends.

Two big bits of news this week. First off, WordPress 5.6 is officially out as of December 8th. It’s a major release, so there’s no pressing need to update right away. But once you have a moment to test things out, give it a run and see how you like it.

Automattic/WooCommerce made a big acquisition, picking up the popular MailPoet newsletter plugin, which has a number of WooCommerce-specific features.

This week I received a message from Johnny Nguyen from WPJohnny with the following message:

I’m trying to help raise funds for my close friend, work partner, and senior developer Walter Lopez. He’s a great person, loving father, kind soul. Now going through financial difficulties due to an expensive surgery for his son’s Cochlear implants. It’s an urgent health matter and tough for Walter to save up due to hurricanes in Honduras, forcing city evacuations and greatly affecting his working capacity (no electricity, no internet).

What does that mean? Walter Lopez (a fellow WordPress developer) needs to raise $75,000 for his (deaf) infant son’s Cochlear implants. The deadline is MAY 2021 (son’s 2-year old birthday), as recommended by specialists to prevent further loss of motor skill development.

As I’m a father of 3 kids this resonates with me. So after donating, I realized that we as a WordPress community might be able to help him out. At least I want to do my best to help him out. I would want the same help if I were in that position.

So let’s help him out and donate here: helpwalter.com – No amount is too big or small. Anything helps.

Let’s get to all of this week’s news…




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