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WooSquare Plugin Review: Easily Sync WooCommerce With Square Point of Sale

Last Updated on July 26th, 2021


Have you ever wished that you could sync up your Square point of sale system with WooCommerce? That is, whenever you sold something offline via Square…your WooCommerce site’s stock and availability would automatically update to reflect that sale?

Sure, it’s a niche use. But when you need it…you really need it.

WooSquare, the plugin I’m looking at today, allows you to do just that. It syncs your product inventory between your Square point of sale (POS) system and WooCommerce. And it also lets your regular WooCommerce customers pay with Square at checkout.

Note – because I don’t own a Square POS to fully test the plugin, I hesitate to call this a true review. I can show you how the sync works on the website, but I’m unable to fully test how the process works in the wild without setting up my own working store that accepts Square payments.

What Does WooSquare Actually Do?

WooSquare provides a link between your Square account and your WooCommerce store. If you’re not familiar with Square, Square basically provides an easy way for anyone to accept credit card payments offline.

All you need is a smartphone and the Square dongle to start accepting offline payments. And if you only sell offline, that’s all you need. But what if you want to sell online via your WooCommerce store AND sell offline via the Square app?

You could do it…but you’d be using two separate, disconnected systems. And that means if you have limited stock of an item, you could technically accept an order both offline and online for the same item…which isn’t good.

WooSquare fixes that by syncing the two together. Whenever you create a WooCommerce product, you can automatically sync it to your Square account (and vice versa).

By syncing the two together, you can make sure that all your data for:

  • Price
  • Stock Availability
  • Variations
  • Etc.

Is always the same.

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And you can also get your orders synced from Square to WooCommerce and easily manage refunds between the two, as well.

Finally, WooSquare lets you accept payments through Square via WooCommerce checkout, as well. And if that’s all you want to do, the developers also offer a standalone plugin for adding Square as a WooCommerce payment method.

Who Is WooSquare Built For?

WooSquare is great for businesses that sell both offline and online. It removes the confusion of trying to manage two disparate sets of inventory by automatically keeping them synchronized.

If you exclusively sell online and just want to add Square payments to your WooCommerce checkout, the developers also offer a separate WooCommerce Square Up Payment Gateway plugin.

How Does WooSquare Work?

Ok, as I said, I don’t have a Square POS to test the production system. But I can show you how things work on the WordPress side of things.

When you install and activate the plugin, you get a new Woo-Square tab. Here, you can:

  • Configure everything about how your sync works
  • Run manual syncs (if you disabled the automatic option)

The first thing you need to do is set up your access token and app ID. You’ll need to obtain these credentials from Square.

WooSquare supports running both:

  • Live mode
  • Sandbox mode

So you can test things out in the sandbox before you start syncing live changes.

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Then, if you scroll down to Woo Square Settings, you can configure the meat of the plugin’s functionality.

Here’s what everything means:

  • Select Location select the physical location of your POS.
  • Auto synchronize – do you want to automatically sync or rely on manual syncs? (more on those in the next section).
  • Merging Option – which system do you want to contain the “master” details. That is, should WooCommerce overwrite Square if needed or vice versa?
  • Sync with every update – do you want to sync each individual product every single time you edit or update it?

Once you save those settings, you’re good to go.

Running Manual Synchronizations With WooSquare

On that same page, WooSquare also gives you the ability to run manual syncs from either:

  • WooCommerce to Square
  • Square to WooCommerce

If you click on one of the options, you can select exactly what to sync, as well as view any potential errors:

The SKU Missing Products list is important because you need to give your WooCommerce products SKUs in order for the sync to properly work.

You can also see that you can synchronize both:

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  • Whole categories
  • Individual products

And once you run some synchronizations, you can always view the result in the Logs tab. The Logs tab tracks every single sync as well as what happened.

For example, you can see that one of the products in a test failed to sync because there was an issue with the product variations:

You can also filter your logs to find the exact log you need.

Setting Up the Square Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

There’s only one more thing to show you! If you’d like to enable the Square payment gateway for your WooCommerce store, you can head to Woo-Square → Square Payment:

There, you can configure some pretty self-explanatory settings to get your Square gateway up and running.

Then, you can always configure where that gateway displays via the built-in WooCommerce functionality (WooCommerce → Settings → Payment Gateways):

And that’s pretty much it!

How Much Does WooSquare Cost?

The WooSquare synchronization plugin comes in both a free and premium version. The free version is available at WordPress.org and lets you manually sync products between Square and WooCommerce. With Premium version you can get some more awesome features like auto sync, Square Payment Gateway, order sync + more.

If you want the premium version, you can buy it for $49 at Code Canyon with standard Envato Licensing. That gets you access to all of the features I discussed in this post.

And finally, if all you want is the Square payment gateway for WooCommerce, you can buy that standalone plugin for $49 at Code Canyon as well.

Remember – WooSquare already includes the Square payment gateway – so you don’t need to buy both premium plugins.

What’s the difference Between WooSquare Pro & WooCommerce Square Plugin?

Many out there do question the difference between the two plugins namely WooSquare and WooCommerce Square. So just to simplify here let me share the comparison chart for the two to make things clear.

comparison WooSquare Pro & WooCommerce Square Plugin

Wrapping Things Up

WooSquare is definitely built for a niche need. But if you do need to sync between your offline store and a WooCommerce store, it adds some very important functionality.

At least on the WordPress side, it’s easy to use and configure. I can’t speak for the Square functionality in practice because, as I said, I don’t have the Square POS. But the plugin is well-rated on Code Canyon so far, which gives me confidence that everything does indeed work as promised.

If you need this niche functionality, go ahead and give WooSquare a look. At $49, it’s not exactly breaking the bank.

Download WooSquare Free at WordPress.org

Buy Premium Version at Code Canyon

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