5 Best WooCommerce Backup Plugins to Keep Your Store’s Data Safe

Published on October 31st, 2019

Last Updated on March 12th, 2021

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Running a WooCommerce store? If so, it’s imperative that you keep your store’s data safe, and a WooCommerce backup plugin can help you do just that.

But the same things that make for a good WordPress backup plugin don’t automatically make for a good WooCommerce backup plugin.

In this post, you’ll learn why that is, as well as five of the best backup plugins for WooCommerce stores.

Let’s get to it because your store’s data isn’t gonna wait.

Why Are WooCommerce Backups Different Than Regular WordPress Backups?

The main difference between regular WordPress backups and WooCommerce backups is the frequency of changes in your database.

For example, with a regular WordPress blog, you’re probably publishing one piece of content per day max.

So for the most part, your database is only changing once per day, excluding little things like comments.

Basically, if you have to restore from yesterday’s backup on a regular WordPress site, you’re probably not going to lose anything too important, so it’s totally fine to use a plugin that backs up your site daily.

With a WooCommerce store, that’s different. Every new order is a database change, along with stock status and the order statuses for your existing orders.

Depending on how busy your store is, you might be getting multiple new orders every hour. So if you have to restore from yesterday’s backup for your WooCommerce store, you could be losing 30+ orders, which is a much bigger deal.

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So when you’re looking for the best WooCommerce backup plugin, you want a solution that can offer real-time backups (or as close to that as possible). So as soon as a new order comes in, you want that order to be backed up off-site just in case something goes wrong.

Let’s get to the plugins that can handle that…

5 Best Real-Time WooCommerce Backup Plugins

1. BlogVault

BlogVault WooCommerce backup plugin

BlogVault is a premium WordPress backup plugin that automatically backs up your site to the BlogVault cloud.

The plugin is convenient for all WordPress sites but, on higher tiers, BlogVault has built in dedicated features for WooCommerce.

The biggest change is that it offers a real-time, trigger-based backup system. So as soon as a trigger event happens on your site – like a new order coming in – BlogVault will automatically back up that change in real-time.

BlogVault will also store multiple copies to make sure your backups are also safe.

Beyond that, BlogVault will also store those backups for an entire year. Yes – 365 days of backups, which is a lot more than your average WordPress backup plugin. And if you need to restore from a backup, BlogVault makes that easy too, including a convenient built-in staging feature.

Finally, BlogVault works with custom tables and claims to be able to handle huge sites (350 GB+), though I’ve never tested it with something that large.

While BlogVault has cheaper plans, you’ll need the $20.75 per month Advanced plan for real-time backups. This plan also includes automatic malware scanning via MalCare (an off-site malware scanning solution from the same developer).

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2. WP Time Capsule

WP Time Capsule WooCommerce backup plugin

WP Time Capsule is a cloud storage-agnostic WordPress backup tool with some great features for WooCommerce stores. By “cloud storage-agnostic”, I mean that, unlike BlogVault, WP Time Capsule lets you choose your preferred cloud storage provider.

For example, you can pick between AWS, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

WP Time Capsule also offers automatic, real-time backups for WooCommerce stores. So as soon as a new order comes, WP Time Capsule automatically backs it up to the cloud storage service of your choice.

If you use AWS, you can also store a full year of backups for 365-day backup goodness.

And if you need to restore your store from a backup, you get a couple of goodies there, too:

  • Built-in staging – you can restore your site to a staging server before making the restore live.
  • Incremental restores – you can restore specific files or just restore your database – you don’t have to restore everything at the same time.

WP Time Capsule itself costs just $49 per year or $149 for lifetime updates. Depending on the size of your store and how many backups you want to store, you might also need to pay for your cloud storage service of choice, as cloud storage itself is not included in the price.

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3. VaultPress


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VaultPress is the automatic backup plugin from Automattic, the same company behind WooCommerce and WordPress.org (!).

Like the previous two plugins, VaultPress receives real-time changes whenever information changes on your site and then instantly syncs those changes with VaultPress’ cloud backup servers.

If you use the real-time backup plan, VaultPress also stores unlimited backups for you.

If you need to restore a backup, VaultPress offers one-click restores, though it doesn’t have the built-in staging feature that the previous two plugins offer.

Finally, VaultPress also includes malware scanning as part of its service and can help you fix any issues that it finds.

VaultPress is part of the Jetpack subscription. While Jetpack plans start at $39 per year, you’ll need the $299 per year Jetpack Professional plan if you want real-time backups and unlimited backup storage.

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4. ManageWP

ManageWP Backup

ManageWP is a tool to help you manage multiple WordPress sites from one location. As part of that, it offers a dedicated backup service that you can use to back up to your preferred cloud storage service, including Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.

ManageWP Backups does not offer real-time backups like the previous three plugins, but it does offer near real-time incremental backups.

With the premium backup service, you can back up your site every hour. If your store isn’t super busy, that might be enough for you.

ManageWP itself stores your backups for 90 days, and you can also upload them to your own third-party provider if you want to keep them longer.

ManageWP’s backup feature starts at just $2 per month per site. If you want to upload to external storage, you’ll also pay $0.13 per GB on top of that.

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5. BackupBuddy


BackupBuddy is a premium WordPress backup plugin from iThemes.

With its Stash Live feature, you can have BackupBuddy back up changes to your site in real-time and store them in the cloud.

If something goes wrong, BackupBuddy can help you restore your site to your live server or a staging server.

BackupBuddy itself costs $80 for use on a single price. That price includes 1 GB of Stash storage space (for real-time backups). If your WooCommerce store is larger than 1 GB, you can purchase additional Stash storage space starting at $35 per year for 5 GB of storage.

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Get Started With a WooCommerce Backup Plugin Today

Most WordPress hosts only back up your site daily, if at all.

For an active WooCommerce store, that’s just too infrequent and could lead to you losing important order data if something ever goes wrong.

The solution is a real-time, incremental WordPress backup plugin that lets you back up changes to your site as they happen. As soon as an order comes in, it’s immediately put up in the cloud for safekeeping.

To implement real-time backups on your site, these five plugins make a great option:

Any questions about choosing the best WooCommerce backup plugin for your store?

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