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WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels Plugin Review/Tutorial (2021)

Last Updated on November 30th, 2023

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Have a WooCommerce store and wish to stand out from other merchants selling online? Try adding product labels.

Product labels are a great way to showcase important details about your product, display special offers, and highlight ongoing sales in your store.

And if you brighten them up with eye-catching colors and interesting graphics, they’ll look pretty dang appealing to anyone who visits your store.

Today, we’re going to explore the capabilities of a plugin that makes it simple to add and manage product labels.

Its name? Advanced Product Labels.

WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels is a powerful WordPress plugin by BeRocket offering a range of attractive templates, label content options, advanced styling, and more. It’s designed to help you improve conversions by making products dynamic, engaging, and noticeable.

It’s hard to describe the label effect with just text, so you can check out the plugin in action here and here to see what I mean. These are live examples of what Advanced Product Labels helps you create. The plugin has almost 30,000 installs and has been on the market since 4 years.

In our hands-on WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels review, I’ll give you a detailed look at how this plugin works and how you can use it to add labels to your products.

WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels

WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels Review: The Feature List

In a nutshell, BeRocket Advanced Product Labels is a product personalization, and enhancement tool specifically built for WooCommerce and WordPress.

It helps you create product labels that stand out on your site with features like:

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  • 50+ ready-to-use templates, including customizable CSS templates, discount timer templates, and image templates
  • Various content types and product conditions
  • Label style options like font color and custom label borders
  • Opacity & Gradient modification and shadow effect

The tool also lets you choose the type of label you want to add to your products. For example, you can select the “In title” label to place the label to the right or left side of the product title.

As BeRocket Advanced Product Label is a WooCommerce-specific tool, it plays nicely with the core WooCommerce installation. All you have to do is install it on your WordPress WooCommerce site, permit it to access your WooCommerce functionality via the WordPress API, and you’re good to go.

Hands-On with BeRocket Advanced Product Labels

Now, let’s dive in, and I’ll show you how the different features of WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels work.

1. Creating a New Label

To get started, you open up your WordPress dashboard and click BeRocket Advanced Labels.

Your next step is to add a label. To do so, click the Add Label button beside the Advanced Labels heading at the top of your screen.

WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels - Create new label

BeRocket will now redirect you to an area where you’ll find tools to create a new custom label from scratch.

First, you’ll enter a title for your label. You could write “Sale” or “Bestseller” depending on how you wish to promote your items.

Then, you can choose from the 17 conditions available for your product label. At this point, you can decide if you want to mix conditions using “AND” or “OR” operators.

When creating a Sale label for my product, I selected On Sale as the first condition and Page ID as the second condition. Then I used the AND operator to form a relation between the two.

Next, go to Advanced Label Settings and pick a template you want to use for your label. As you do that, BeRocket will give you options to hide the label on mobile, tablet, and/or desktop. Check the box for the device you don’t want the label to appear on.

You also get to select from 8 content types for the label:

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Depending on the option you choose, the plugin will modify the text, background image, and image title of the label. Once done, click Save to create your new label.

2. Modifying a Label’s Style

Not content with the existing style of your label? No problem – you can tweak it through the Style tab in Advanced Labels Settings. Let me show you how it’s done.

First, I’ll create a new label, this time to showcase stock status. Then, I’ll click the Style tab and select a new background color.

WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels - Modifying label

There’s a lot of options to play with. You can modify the font size, width, height, border radius, border width, and more for your label.

Two options that stood out to me are Opacity and Shadow effects. Used correctly, these two effects can draw attention to your best deals.

3. Changing a Label’s Position

Another neat option in the Advanced Product Labels tab is Position. This setting allows you to decide between keeping the label in its current position, putting it on the image, or placing it in the product title.

Based on the option type of position you choose, BeRocket will let you adjust the label for the positions left, right, and center.

You can also adjust the padding and margin of the label and rotate it as a part of an A/B test to see if a uniquely positioned label improves your conversions.

WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels - Changing label

4. Using Tooltip

BeRocket Advanced Product Labels also lets you create a tooltip. Also known as a hint or info tip, a tooltip is a graphical UI element that displays a text box containing information about an element when a user hovers over it.

You can create a tooltip for any label to inform visitors about its function or convey what a particular abbreviation stands for. BeRocket allows you to enter the content you want to display and upload a custom tooltip image. 

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The plugin also lets you decide whether you want the tooltip to appear or close after a delay, whether it should have a dark, light, or translucent style, and more.

Further, you can adjust the tooltip for positions top, bottom, left, and right. Place it wherever you think your visitors are most likely to take notice.

How to Use Timers in WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels

Timers can help create a sense of urgency in your visitors. You probably know how it feels seeing a timer counting down 10…9…8…7… there’s a sudden urge to act before the timer reaches 0.

With Advanced Product Labels, you can set up timers for any products with sale price dates.

To do this, open BeRocket → Product Labels in your WordPress admin area. Then select the addon titled Timer and click Save Changes.

Next, open up Advanced Labels and click Add New Label. Enter the same title as you did while creating a product label, i.e., Sale, and choose On Sale as the condition. Now check the box for Use Timer. Once done, you’ll see various timers on display that you can choose to run on your sale.

The Timer addon lets you pick between large and compact timers. You can also add opacity or shadow effects to a timer, modify its margins, and instruct the Advanced Product Labels plugin to show leading zeros in it.

What’s more, you can change the timer’s style using the same setting as for the label, but any style changes would also reflect on the label as the two elements are interlinked in WooCommerce Advanced Products Labels.

How to Use Gradient Orientations In Advanced Product Labels?

Gradients are a perfect way to stand out with your design. The right gradients also help entice people to impulse buy by evoking their emotional responses to colors.

In Advanced Product labels, you can blend varying shades of vibrant colors and develop unique nature-inspired combinations by using the gradient end & standard colors.

Plus, the plugin lets you choose from gradient orientations like radial, elliptical, and linear to keep things exciting for the visitors.

To access gradient orientations, launch BeRocket → Product Labels in your WordPress admin area. Then select the addon titled Gradient and click Save Changes.

Now go to Advanced Labels and click Add New Label. Then in the Style section, click the box in front of use gradient to see all your options.

You should now be able to choose a gradient start color, end color, angle, and orientation.

And that’s it.

As you can see, BeRocket’s WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels is quite powerful when it comes to creating labels for your products. Although there’s a small learning curve associated with label creation, you should find it easy after creating a few labels for your products.

WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels Pricing

WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels only comes in a premium version, and its pricing varies by the number of sites you want to use it on.

There are four different pricing tiers, all of which offer lifetime support and updates. The only difference between them is the number of WooCommerce sites you can use the plugin on:

  • 1 site – $34 one-time payment
  • 3 sites – $39, one-time payment
  • 5 sites – $59, one-time payment
  • 10 sites – $89, one-time payment

BeRocket is currently offering the 3, 5, and 10 site license options at a discounted price (usual prices are different from those mentioned above).

If that doesn’t convince you to try out WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels, the 30-day money-back guarantee should do it.

If you wish to test the plugin before investing in it thoroughly, BeRocket gives you a 30-day window to try out its features. Those not satisfied with the experience can ask for a refund before the window closes.

Final Thoughts on WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels

I gave WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels a run on a friend’s WooCommerce store and checked out its features. Indeed, it proved to be a solid plugin with excellent functionality for creating product labels.

Although it takes a while to get used to, it works flawlessly and even shows a real-time preview of the labels. The preview is especially helpful for seeing how your tweaks are affecting the outlook of the label.

If a particular style change doesn’t look good in the preview, you can change it instantly instead of waiting circling back after you’ve published the label.

All in all, if you’re interested in creating product labels, definitely give WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels a try. There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you’re not risking anything.

Try WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels

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