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Wholesale Suite Review: A Plugin to Bring Your Entire Wholesale Business Online

Last Updated on August 31st, 2023

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WooCommerce makes it easy to create an online shop for retail customers. But when it comes to selling to wholesalers, it leaves a lot to be desired. For instance, you don’t get features like dynamic pricing, wholesale order forms, and minimum quantities out of the box, making it challenging to impress B2B customers.

Fortunately, though, WooCommerce supports a host of plugins that add wholesale features to its online stores. Some of them offer specific wholesale functionality, while others contain a complete set of features to help you streamline the wholesale buying experience.

Today, we’re going to look at the Wholesale Suite plugin.

Wholesale Suite is a dedicated wholesale plugin for WooCommerce stores. It was created by Rymera Web Co, an Australian web development company specializing in making tools for growing online stores. Over 20,000+ stores are currently using Wholesale Suite to scale their wholesale businesses with confidence.

So, what makes Wholesale Suite so special?

Is it really any good?

To find out, we put it through paces on one of our stores and will share with you exactly what we experience in this Wholesale Suite Plugin review:

Wholesale Suite: Overview

Wholesale Suite Review

Wholesale Suite isn’t just another wholesale plugin—it’s a complete wholesale solution that combines features from three plugins to help you sell in bulk online. 

The three plugins are:

  • Wholesale Prices – Set up minimum purchase amounts and wholesale pricing. You can also create tiered discounts and control wholesale tax & shipping rates separately.   
  • Order Form – Build customizable ordering forms that are responsive and searchable. 
  • Lead Capture – Integrate the essential login, registration, and wholesale signup sequences to minimize admin work in your store.

You can buy these plugins separately or get all of them in a bundle. The creators of Wholesale Suite offer two bundles and currently have a special 50% discount on both of them. You can choose from: 

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  • Growth Bundle: Costs $148.50 per year for use on a single website.
  • Business Bundle: Costs $298.50 per year for use on any number of websites.

These prices are a part of a limited-time deal, so you’ll get more bang for your back if you act now.

Wholesale Suite: Key Features

Wholesale Suite offers 148+ features across different plugins. Here are the most notable ones:

  • Manage wholesale pricing and product visibility by user role
  • Adjust pricing and tax as required by your country’s law
  • Create bulk variations for wholesale items
  • Have wholesalers use your desired shipping methods
  • Pre-fill registration form checkout fields with customer details
  • Send customer and admin email notifications
  • Enforce minimum number of products to be ordered
  • And more

Wholesale Suite: Pros and Cons

Like any WooCommerce plugin, Wholesale Suite has pros and cons:


  • Easy to navigate
  • Clear and simple order form
  • Automatically blocks spam
  • Excellent customer support
  • Integrate with popular WooCommerce add-ons


  • Small learning curve

Wholesale Suite: Installation & Setup

To start using Wholesale Suite, you’ll first need to install the three plugins and enter their respective license keys to activate them. Once done, you can configure each plugin individually to set up your wholesale experience.

Wholesale Suite creates a wholesale user role by default; you’ll use this user role for the settings you configure in the sub-plugins.

Configuring Wholesale Prices

WooCommerce lets you enter retail prices for your products by default. After installing the Wholesale Prices plugin, you’ll be able to add wholesale rates too.

Add a new product, then add the wholesale price for that item.

Wholesale Suite - Configuring WholeSale prices

You can also set tiered pricing based on the quantity purchased.

Product Quantity Based Wholesale pricing

For instance, you can charge $100 if a customer orders 1 unit of a product, but offer a discount if they purchase 50 units of the same item.

Wholesale Prices also lets you define minimum order requirements for wholesale customers. To do so, go to WooCommerce > Settings and click the Wholesale Prices tab at the top. Now in the General tab, you’ll be able to set the default minimum order quantity and subtotals for your store.

Wholesale Suite - Wholesale Prices

Customers who fulfill your minimum order requirements will get wholesale prices, while others will get the regular price.

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Moving forward, you can also map shipping to wholesale customers. This means that you can configure the plugin to show certain shipping methods to just wholesale buyers. Before mapping our shipping methods, make sure to create your Shipping Zones and then load your methods for those zones.

Wholesale Suite Review - Shipping Methods

After configuring the shipping settings, head back to the Shipping settings area and do the following:

  • Choose the wholesale role
  • Select the shipping zone you want it to apply to
  • Choose the shipping method inside the shipping zone that you want to apply the wholesale role to

You’ll also have to check the box in front of the “Wholesale Only Shipping Methods” settings to ensure the mapped shipping methods aren’t visible to your retail customers.

Another great feature is Payment Gateway Options. This allows you to set a specific payment gateway for wholesale customers.

Choose “Wholesale Customer” as the user role, then add the payment method you’d like them to use. Options include direct bank transfer, check payments, cash on delivery, and PayPal.

Wholesale Suite - Payment Getaway Options

You can also add multiple payment methods so that customers have a range of choices when placing an order.

Wholesale Prices has other several features, but the ones above are likely the ones you’re going to use for your store.

Configuring Order Form

This plugin is designed to help you create an optimized one-page ordering form for your B2B customers.

By default, it will create a Wholesale Ordering page for you to optimize. You can access this page by going to Pages > All Pages and selecting the Wholesale Ordering page. You’ll see a shortcode on the page responsible for loading the order form on the front end.

To customize options and set up the Order form, go to WooCommerce > Settings, then click the Wholesale Ordering menu. In General, you can modify the style and display of the Order form.

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Display and Style

The Display & Style options lets you do the following:

  • Display columns for stock quantity, product thumbnail, and SKU
  • Show product variation separately.
  • Choose the number of products to display per page
  • Show or hides subtotal
  • Load more products as the customer scrolls down
  • And more

You can also access Search & Filtering settings from the General tab in the Wholesale Ordering menu.

The first option lets you choose whether you want products with no inventory to be displayed on the order form. The second one gives you the option to let customers search for an item by SKU.

Search and Filtering

You’ll also be able to customize the Product Sort Order, and include/exclude tax from the cart subtotal.

In the Filters tab of the Wholesale Ordering menu, you get the option to display a specific product category on the order form. Also, you can exclude certain products from the order form.

Product Filtering

In Permissions, you can enter Wholesale Customer in the user role so that the order form only shows to wholesale buyers. You can also add the wholesale registration page you’ll create using the Lead Capture plugin in this window.

Configuring Lead Capture

The last plugin, Lead Capture, will automatically create the wholesale log in, wholesale registration and wholesale registration thank you pages for you. The first two pages will include a shortcode to load the relevant form on the front end of the site.

Lead Capture has multiple settings that you can configure. In the Pages section, you can choose which page you want to be the wholesale login page. You can also select where to display terms & conditions, where to direct users logging in and logging out, and whether to auto or manually approve the leads.

Wholesale Suite - Wholesale lead

In the Built-in fields tab, you can enable and disable fields depending on your wholesale registration requirements. You can also change the order of the fields through this section. Field options include company name, address field, and more.

The third tab is Custom Fields. Here, you can set new fields based on your requirements. There are multiple field choices, as well as the option for defining the order of the field.

In the Email tab, you can configure the templates of the emails that go out to your customers. Plus, you can disable emails for auto-approved leads and set up a custom message for those users. The rejected email template is for sending a message to those who didn’t meet the wholesale purchase criteria of your store.

Wholesale Suite: Verdict

After putting Wholesale Suite to the test, I can surely say that this is currently the best wholesale plugin available for WooCommerce.

The plugin has every feature you could require for a wholesale website. Plus, it lets you separate B2B and B2C experiences so that you can make a good impression on both retailers and consumers.

All of that, combined with Wholesale Suite’s quick and efficient customer support, makes it a great choice for WooCommerce stores in 2023.

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