I noticed on WPTavern this week, that the theme review team are looking to automate some of the theme review process. They published a list of things which could be automated. I think this is great news, the waiting list from submitting themes to them going live is 4 – 5 months currently which is far too long. The theme review is quite an intensive process for the reviewers who have to check all of the code meets the WordPress standards, plus there are all the visual checks to make sure the theme doesnt break any core functionality and everything displays as it should using the dummy content. Anything that can help speed this process up has to be good.

If you are looking to build a business around WordPress products, there were a couple of interviews this week you should take a look at. The owner of the CaptainForm plugin offers some advice here on the Pojo blog, and the founder of Macho Themes was interviewed on WPKube here.

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  2. sometimes.. i also read wp news appears in my dashboard

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