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Weekly WordPress News: Envato Support Policy Update, Transparency Reports & More.

Last Updated on March 29th, 2021

Published on September 4th, 2015

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A piece of news I noticed this week was that Envato have implemented a new support policy which shows whether an author supports the product ( A blue badge is added if so) and now customers receive 6 months free support with the option to purchase extra support for additional cost, the support cost is calculated as follows:

  1. 37.5% of the item price (30% of the list price) when purchased at the same time as the license;
  2. 62.5% of the item price (50% of the list price) when purchased during the support period; and
  3. 87.5% of the item price (70% of the list price) when purchased after the support period has ended.

I see this as a good move for the authors, they are no longer expected to provide lifetime support for free which can prove unworkable the more customers you acquire. Adding in an extra revenue stream while also taking some of the burden off should help improve the level of support you can provide and this move also ties Envato authors in to the more common method between WordPress theme companies of providing support for one year after purchase.

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