Weekly WordPress News: Receiptful Raises 500K, New WPLift Project Coming Soon + More.

I came across an article this morning which talks to Adii Pienaar about having raised $500k in venture capital for his latest project Receiptful. Receiptful is a service which provides better receipt emails for eCommerce sites – I spoke to Adii about this project when he was first launching and it looked intriguing and definitely something I have been meaning to try out on one of my eCommerce sites – driving traffic to typical eCommerce sites is difficult so squeezing every last drop of revenue from existing customers is a must, and that is where Receiptful comes in. If you are using a plugin like WooCommerce, it will allow you to send better transaction emails with a coupon code or other similar recommended items. According to the article since launch last year it has sent over 290k emails which is quite impressive, working out to 5k receipts per day.


He says he got the idea from a blog post about Growth Hacking “I exited WooThemes at the end of 2013. About six months later, I stumbled onto an article called Growth Hacking with Email Receipts Is a Huge Missed Opportunity. It just connected two dots for me. One being the theory that email receipts might be a marketing opportunity and nobody else has pursued this at all. And secondly, it was about the same reasons why I exited WooThemes; challenging myself, explore SAAS, and also find something that was within the ecommerce space to leverage my previous journey.”

Receiptful is free to use and offers a free WordPress plugin which works in conjunction with WooCommerce so its definitely worth trying out to see if you can increase revenue using it.

Personally this week I have been finishing off a new WPLift related website which will be launching soon – this is something I have been working on for a little while now so it’s good to be near launch time, I don’t want to go in to details yet but I’m pretty excited to make the announcement soon :)

Some good articles this week, listed below and I added a new section to the news for WordPress deals – check them out below.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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