Weekly WordPress News: A Better Planet Updated, Matt Interviews, WPHunt & More

Last week I updated A Better Planet, a site I created to mashup all the best WordPress news and blog feeds as alternative to the Planet WordPress feed which is outdated. You can follow the master feed on Twitter, Add a plugin to get the news in your WordPress dashboard or just grab the main RSS feed. There were some sources that were dead so I removed them and I added some good new feeds, go check it out.

One source I added was a new site called WPHunt, it’s like a WordPress version of ProductHunt ( another good site ), created by Dev7Studios. I like the clean design and it has some good sources so you should add that to your daily reads if you want to keep up on more WordPress news.

Finally there were a couple of interviews with Matt released this week on the Tim Ferris podcast and the Matt Report podcast. On the Tim Ferris podcast e talks about Polyphasic sleep and using a Colemak keyboard.

Here is the rest of the news from the last 7 days, have a good weekend everyone!

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  1. I believe that WPMetaList was created way before WPHunt (which is not even based upon WP, but a free script called Telescope). You might like WPMetaList.com to be included in next week featured posts :)

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