Weekly WordPress News: Jumpstarter, Theme Review Meeting, WP Job Manager Acquired


An interesting site I recently discovered is Jumpstarter which aims to turn WordPress themes into SAAS apps, a user can signup and pick a theme which is then automatically installed and hosted for them for a monthly fee. It’s an interesting idea, users don’t have to worry about purchasing hosting, installing WordPress and then a theme – they simply signup for their theme of choice and in a couple of clicks its up and running for them.

We at ThemeFurnace decided to offer one of our themes on there to see how it does, we added our Artifact theme which users can purchase for $12 per month and they can also try out a 2 day trial of it for free.


Theme Review Meeting

Last week in the news we covered the theme reviews team’s apparent crackdown on themes which include custom widgets for displaying content blocks. There was a lot of discussion revolving around this as some of most popular themes use these for things like displaying team member profiles, featured content widgets and so on. The review team held a meeting and the outcome was the following are allowed :

  • Site footer text
  • Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons/widgets
  • One-off descriptive content blocks (about us/profile/etc.)
  • Custom presentation of existing user data, with trivial content additions such as a widget/content block with a static page link, custom icon, custom title/description)

Although they did not reach an agreement for other types of content such as testimonials, services etc, saying “No consensus was reached regarding repeatable-field content (testimonials, services, team members, etc.). We will have a follow-up blog post to discuss this type of content specifically.” This is something I think they need to get cleared up as soon as possible so I will keep an eye out for the follow up blog post.

WP Job Manager Acquired by Automattic

Another piece of news which caught my eye this week was the fact that Automattic have acquired the WP Job Manager plugin from Mike Jolley. The reason is he the WooCommerce lead developer which they acquired the week before and they have a “No side projects” rule for employees. It looks like the plugin was doing extremely well for Mike, bringing in monthly revenues of $xx,xxx which is amazing for a one-man plugin, no official statement on the price but Brian speculates the deal could be worth around half a million dollars which is great result for Mike.


Have a great weekend everyone, let’s get on with the news!

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  1. I find it weird that Automattic has a “No Side Projects” rule. Aren’t side projects make the developers learn new things that may benefit the mother company?

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