It’s nearly the end of January so I thought I would have a look back at this month, January is always quite a strange month for me: The first week is a little bit of a struggle getting back into the habit of working hard after a relaxing Christmas period so I make sure that I start how I mean to go on. That means, getting up and starting work early, I start my day at 6.30am and try to get as much work done as I can before my daughter gets up so I can spend a little time with her then. I map out my goals for the year in that first week also with some short-term goals, new project ideas, financial goals for different businesses and also personal goals ( health and fitness mainly ).

Because we promote many different companies via affiliate links on WPLift I get a window into other people’s businesses also, I see sales increases and decreases – The start of January sees a lot of sales as people are starting up new projects and websites, this also corresponds with ThemeFurnace, we always see a nice bump in January after a slower December. I also get to see things that don’t work for businesses, for example one recent site put up a redesigned website and I have seen sales decrease for them.

January saw us release a new theme on ThemeFurnace, we almost made it two but the next one will have to wait till early February now as always, things take a little longer than expected. Content on WPLift got off to a good start with some posts that gained good traction and there seemed to be a Google search update over the weekend which helped our traffic with a nice boost. I have one new site in the works which was planned last year, excited about that one – as always it’s WordPress related but branching out into a new area for me. I also have another eCommerce business which did amazing over Christmas, January has continued to be good also and we took on our first employee – the site runs on WooCommerce so I’m going to be doing a post about that soon as well.

How about ? How did January go for you – did you set any goals for the year ? Let us know in the comments.

Let’s look forward to a great February, here is the WordPress news from the last 7 days.

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