Weekly WordPress News: #WPDrama, Independence Day & More

The past month has been a strange one in the WordPress community with lots of drama breaking out around various issues. Tom McFarlin wrote a great piece with his thoughts this week, which I completely agree with, take a look at his post “The WordPress Community (A Comedy of Drama, Ego, Oligarchies, and More)”. He says “I’m seeing things get worse rather than better, I find myself wanting to distance myself more and more from certain aspects – and, yes, even people – involved in WordPress rather than get more deeply involved”.

I tend to feel the same, Lately I find myself just trying to ignore all the goings on and keep my head down and focus on what I’m doing, I even thought about selling my WordPress related properties recently and taking a break from it completely. Ultimately I decided against that as it’s something I love working on but the drama and cliques surrounding it tends to get me down from time to time. Unfortunately I only see the problem getting worse – there is more money than ever in working with WordPress which will draw more people in and will end up creating more conflict as people try and push their own agendas.

Independence Day

Tomorrow is Independence day so I would like to wish our American readers a happy holiday! Have a great weekend of Fireworks and Barbecues :) As usual the WordPress community have created loads of special offers so you can grab that theme or plugin you wanted with a great discount, head over to our deals post to find the best deals.


Have a great weekend everyone, let’s get on with this week’s news …

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